When you’re working on a secret project, it can be sometimes tricky to dodge questions about it or lie, though Aquaman star Jason Momoa’s method is even better. The actor tells people that they can punch him in the face.

Momoa recently saw a footage of a lie he told to MTV’s Josh Horowitz back in 2014 during an interview alongside Patrick Wilson and Amber Heard. Horowitz played the footage from 2014 when rumours were swirling around Momoa being cast as Aquaman, which Horowitz asked him, and well, Momoa’s reaction was hilarious.

Initially, he said it was just a rumour and swore it wasn’t true, but when Horowitz pushed a little and guessed that he would see him in a cameo in BvS, which would lead to him being in Justice League. Momoa then said “man to man” and “you can punch me in the face”. He repeated the same several times, which Horowitz laughed at. He then added, “it’s flattering but just a rumour.”

Wilson, Heard and even Momoa were all laughing at his answers, and finally, Momoa revealed why he had to lie.

“I was sworn to secrecy by Zack, which I did not want to upset Zack,” Momoa said. He said you are not allowed to tell anyone and let me tell you…I needed to put food on the table. When he released Unite the Seven I was like ‘gaaaahhhhh’ right before Christmas, I was like ‘we’re gonna have food!”

He even apologised to Horowitz but did add a caveat. “I apologize for lying to you,” Momoa said. “I didn’t purposefully and if you hadn’ tasked me the question I never would’ve had to lie to you.”

Obviously, Horowitz did not end up punching Momoa as Momoa would’ve just punched him harder. We understand, we won’t punch Momoa either.

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