Jennifer Aniston has had a publicized personal life especially when it comes to her relationship status. Not just her personal life but her professional career is also on the top due to the international stardom she gained from the American sitcom series, FRIENDS. She is undoubtedly a charismatic personality on and off the screen, however, what makes fans more curious is her personal life!

Jennifer Aniston
The American star, Jennifer Aniston

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The actress as of now is not dating anyone however her Instagram feed is hinting otherwise. The acclaimed actress has recently shared a highlight reel of 2022 for New Year’s Day and there’s one person who has been featured many times, none other than Adam Sandler.

Jennifer Aniston Wraps Up 2022 With Adam Sandler

Jennifer Aniston Instagram
Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram

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The 53-year-old actress, Jennifer Aniston wrapped up 2022 with beautiful memories she created throughout the year. To showcase those memories, the actress shared a 2022 highlight reel of her favorite moments for New Year’s day.

She wrote in the caption,

“Thanks 2022, 2023….ready, set, let’s go, Happy New Year everyone!”

In her favorite moments, one face was quite familiar to many, her Murder Mystery co-star, Adam Sandler.

The FRIENDS star compiled clips of her furry friends, her LolaVie products, her moments of creating human pyramids, and many others, including her moments with Sandler.

At one point in the video, the Primetime Emmy winner features a clip from what seems to be a set where she pans the camera and Sandler pops into the shot. He also appeared in another clip of the montage where the duo wore winter coats in France which was from the Murder Mystery 2 set as she blows a kiss to her costar.

Jennifer Aniston’s Chemistry With Sam Sandler

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston with Adam Sandler

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The duo shares a dynamic chemistry on and off the screen. The pair first starred together in the hit romantic comedy Just Go With It in 2011. After that, they got reunited in 2019 with the comedy mystery film, Murder Mystery which is loosely based on Agatha Christie’s book Death on the Nile.

Fans have long loved their on-screen chemistry, however, their off-screen friendship is stronger than that. Back in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Sandler shared about his friendship with her co-star by stating,

“But Jen’s also just funny as hell, and she makes you so happy. When we go to parties with her, there’s no leaving the party. At 1 in the morning, I’ll say to my wife, ‘We’re going to keep going, huh?’ “

She also has a healthy relationship with his wife, Jackie Sandler, which shows that her coziness with her close friend is natural. They are not dating, but definitely enjoying each other’s company as close friends.

Source: Instagram

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