James Cameron, the creator of the franchise, recently hosted the Terminator: Dark Fate panel at Comic-Con.  He implied new details regarding the upcoming sixth Terminator movie. Details about the 3rd reboot have also come to the audience’s attention. Including the knowledge that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 has an unforeseen name in the film.


Information About Terminator: Dark Fate

According to resources which remained in participation during the panel, a complete scene from Dark Fate came to light. This hasn’t released on the internet just yet, yet thanks to hearsay people have obtained the idea of it. It has the cyborg appearing in his cabin and battling with Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor. As the one Terminator she trusted died at the end of T2, Sarah is dismissive when this benign T-800 presents himself as Carl.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Role As T-800

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Role As T-800

Yea, Schwarzenegger’s brand-new personality in Dark Fate is Carl. No infraction to any Carls available, obviously, as it’s a beautiful name. However, in this context, it seems like the title’s attached to the awesome robotic for levity. This can’t aid yet provide us recalls to Terminator: Genisys having the original, aged T-800 called “Pops” by Emilia Clarke’s Sarah. Seeing as DF is meant to move the franchise business means away from Genisys, that could set off warning bells.


Expectations for Terminator Dark Fate

Expectations for Terminator Dark Fate

Almost every little thing else is pointing to Dark Fate being the sequel followers have been requesting. For one, it’s wiping away the past three movies from the connection. It will function as a direct follow-up to 1991’s Terminator: Judgement Day. We already understood Hamilton was returning for the very first time since. However, this SDCC panel additionally revealed that Edward Furlong would be making a shock return as John Connor.


Terminator: Dark Fate blasts right into cinemas on November 1st. Watch the trailer here:

TERMINATOR 6 Official Extended Trailer (2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger, DARK FATE


Source: We got this covered, Comicbook

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