We all know the love the Russos have for the Secret Wars crossover, but during a recent Q&A and screening, Joe and Anthony Russo poked fun by saying that the only way to get them back to the superhero genre would be to give them Secret Wars.

We shouldn’t rule the possibility out, as once “retired” Mark Hamill returned to voice The Joker in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, which was an R-rated film by Warner Bros.

The Russos are already associated with potential future comics projects like ‘Quantum and Woody’ and Deadly Class.

This news eradicated the possibility of Avengers 4 being titled as “Secret Wars”. For fans who don’t know, Secret Wars was Marvel’s first crossover in 1984 and was later used again for a line-wide event in 2015.

“Hopefully they’re about to get their hands on a few of [Fox’s Marvel characters],” Russo said. “Listen, my second favorite character growing up, and one of my prized possessions in my comic book collection is Incredible Hulk #181, which of course is the first appearance of Wolverine. I feel like the mission of the Marvel Universe is to keep expanding and surprising people. Surprise them with casting choices, surprise them with story choices. If we’re moving into this world of crossover events, certainly that affords opportunity for other large-scale stories from the books like Secret Wars — which was another favorite comic of mine as a kid. There’s big potential moving forward if the Fox/Disney deal closes.”

Observing the way Russo remembers this story so fondly from his childhood points out that he’s referring to the 1984 Secret Wars version.

Avengers 4 will release on May 3.

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