It looks like Marvel fans may have figured out what title Mark Ruffalo revealed for Avengers during The Tonight Show interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The title, conveniently, was accidentally revealed by Ruffalo and as a precaution, his voice was bleeped out before the show aired. However, Ruffalo did say something to the live audience at The Tonight Show, and apparently, some voice editing by a fan revealed what it was.

Fan’s used Adobe Audition to remove the bleep from Mark’s voice, revealing the segment where he spoils the title, which is, ‘The Last Avenger’. Listen for yourself.

Now this all could be done just for the purpose of creating some hype for the movie, not that it needs any, therefore it is not confirmed that whatever Ruffalo revealed is the final title for the movie, on the other hand, if it is the real title, it makes sense as a pun on Avengers 4 being the last Avengers movie for most of the cast from the first Avengers movie, it can also be a reference to the first Captain America movie, Captain America: The First Avenger. This might play into the theory that Captain America might die in Avengers 4. This theory gained huge traction after Chris Evans’ emotional goodbye to the character in his recent tweet.

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