The Marvel Comics supervillain Taskmaster, who primarily acts out his live-action debut in Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, will jeopardy Earth’s strongest heroes as the main villain of Avengers Campus at the Disneyland Resort. Marking the first time the fan-favoured character has emerged in a Disney theme park, Taskmaster will engross Black Widow, Captain America, and Black Panther in an action-filled fight on the embankment of Avengers Headquarters as part of a live show evolved with a Black Widow fight coordinator who choreographed actions for the movie.

Black Widow

black widow
The iconic black widow

“Taskmaster’s popped in so many varied comic stories with the Avengers in different times and spots, and he’s a great enemy for the Avengers,” Dave Bushore commented during a media preview of Avengers Campus inside Disney California Adventure Park. The Vice President, Franchise Creative & Marketing, Marvel Studios, Bushore said, “And for us, ushering that character to the large screen this summer in Black Widow, it was an amazing opportunity for us to say, ‘Well, hey. It’s a living, breathing place. Let’s have him there on inauguration day.’ “. “I think it converses to the opportunity to always be imbibing new, fun story character elements into this place,” Bushore added.

Devious Traits of villain

devious yet fantastic villain

“He’s amazing. He’s a devious villain in and of himself from the fans’ point of view,” Bushore told of Taskmaster. “He’s someone that went against the Avengers, and he can take down each one of them, which is amazing.” Bushore acknowledged the synergy that comes with Taskmaster’s presence at the land trailing his crucial role in Black Widow. He commented bringing the character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a glamour for The Walt Disney Company is yet one more example of the unparalleled collaboration between Marvel Studios and Disney theme park creatives building the campus to life.

A glimpse of Taskmaster

expectations are soaring high from the devious villain

“That actually was part of it. It’s not exactly what you would say is the outward-looking, collegial nature of that thing. But to use that, obviously, overly used phrase sometimes. It truly is,” he said. “The opportunity was that character fitting perfectly. We’re evolving the costume that we can take. That’s really what’s mesmerizing about it. I know we include the word collaboration about multiple times, but it’s true as we’ll have a meeting with the filmmakers on Black Widow and we’ll get early permissions to seeing what Taskmaster’s going to be.”When guests enter into Avengers Campus after watching Natasha Romanoff battle the villain in Black Widow, they’re met with “the real thing.”

Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

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