For some reason, fans have been getting overly obsessed with getting to know about a film’s run time before it releases. There’s actually no co-relation between the length of a film and the quality, with film’s run time discovery hardly giving fans an idea of how much of story will get unfolded. In Avengers: Endgame’s case, fans have been anticipating a lengthy run time, just to make sure all characters get equal screen time for the culmination of MCU. However, a new report claims that the film is one minute shorter than the runtime of listed by theaters.

Avengers: Endgame: How long will be the film?

Endgame releases on April 26
Endgame releases on April 26

In a new box office article by The Hollywood Reporter, it’s been claimed that the film will be clocked at 3 hours and 58 seconds. As per AMC and Fandango, Avengers: Endgame will have a run time of three hours and two minutes.

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It’s unknown where this comes from as it might just be an oversight from an outlet giving reports at an inaccurate time. While the whole difference is almost negligible, the post credits scenes last for just a minute and different run times may related to a similar sequence. Currently, Infinity War is the longest film clocked at two hours and 28 minutes.

Avengers: Endgame Rumoured To Be 3-Hours Long

Thanos in Endgame
Thanos in Endgame

“We’re still looking at a similar time [approximately three hours]. This one’s been very specific in its run time. It really hasn’t changed since we executed the first cut of the film,” co-director Joe Russo previously revealed to Box Office Pro. “Even though we’ve shot a lot of footage between now and then, we’ve swapped things out and the water keeps rising to the same level because the story’s so dense. We have so many characters that we’re working with again that require that kind of run time.”

Russo added, “My brother [Anthony Russo] and I are really committed to emotional stakes, and emotion requires story real estate. When you have a sprawling plot with a lot of characters and emotional stakes, it requires time to breathe emotionally. On the scale, you’re just going to wind up at a certain run time. We’ve been really hard on the film. We don’t like excessive run times; it’s just very difficult wrapping up 10 years of storytelling.”

Source: Comicbook, YouTube

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