Letting go of the TV shows we spent time with can be hard. That’s because when we spend time watching them, we build relationships with people on the screen as well as in our own homes. Endings for television series should be just as special and crafted with care as the series itself. They should also be able to satisfy fans who have become attached to these characters that they have gotten used to seeing every week or even multiple times a week.

The ending of a TV show is perhaps one of the most emotionally painful things for an avid fan to endure. But not every show gets the privilege of going out with a bang. While most shows end on disappointing notes, some went from bad to good during the final season. The following is a list of 5 bad TV shows that improved drastically by the end of their final season –

Breaking Bad Wrapped Up With An Unforgettable Finale

Bryan Cranston plays Walter White in Breaking Bad, a television show about a man who is diagnosed with lung cancer and goes on to make methamphetamine with his former student. By the end of the fifth season, Breaking Bad finds Walter making desperate attempts to cover up his tracks by any means necessary, while Jesse Pinkman makes efforts to escape from the clutches of this gruesome deal. For many critics, AMC’s Breaking Bad never gripped them from the very first episode. With stand-out performances and innovative cinematography, Breaking Bad season 5 took television shows to new levels.

TV Shows
TV Shows

Breaking Bad season 5 aired on 15th July 2012

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The Americans Got Better And Better With Time

It’s impressive to see Philip and Elizabeth on The Americans because their marriage seems to be several things at once: both a cover for their identities as KGB spies and the deepest, truest form of love possible for them. One thing that has made this so boring yet remarkable is seeing how committed they are to each other, especially given how remote the chances were that they’d ever end up together when either one of them first met someone else. Apparently, by the end of the show, the storyline and plot only got better than how they began.

TV Shows
The Americans

The Americans season 6 aired on 28th March 2018

Parks And Recreation Finished Better Than How It Started

Office comedy Parks and Recreation focuses on the working lives of office employees in the Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana. In its seventh season, Leslie Knope, who has climbed her way up considerably from where she began at the department as a lowly city planner, oversees the management of all regional parks across the Midwest and undergoes the last project with her friends. The first season received a variety of different responses and critics even claimed the TV show was worse. But now it is universally beloved for its lovable and optimistic characters. Many of the show’s fans say they felt the show was sorely missed after its finale aired.

TV Shows
Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation season 7 aired on 13th January 2015

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BoJack Horseman Stood Out Different Over Time

The sixth season of BoJack Horseman sees the washed-up sitcom actor (voiced by Will Arnett) continue his struggle to remain relevant as Hollywood turns its back on him. By the end of the season, Bojack has managed to relinquish his addiction to drugs and alcohol despite continued warnings from its creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg that a character must be set up for failure to drive an emotional story. It’s an emotional gesture that critics went on to praise with saying that it was never expected to see such a lovely moment until the finale aired.

TV Shows
BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman season 6 aired o 25th October 2019

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30 Rock Backed Up The Sinking Ship With Guest Stars

The NBC show 30 Rock has been sniffed at by critics since the beginning. Critics, who finally had something nice to say about a comedy not creatively ripped off from an old movie or TV show, seemed vaguely surprised that anyone would take them seriously. In doing so, this sitcom proved itself to be one of the most tightly-scripted comedies on network television. And it only got better as time progresses. By taking on boardroom greed and ego, Fey created one of the most radically-subversive finales of TV business ever.

TV Shows
30 Rock

30 Rock season 7 aired on 10th May 2012

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