Legendary American singer-actress Barbra Streisand is undoubtedly a cultural icon who has earned fans around the globe with her amazing talent and star presence. Through her remarkable career, which has lasted more than six decades, she has won many awards, including Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tonys, which define her as an entertainment powerhouse.

Barbra Streisand Gives Lecture at NIH
Barbra Streisand gives lecture at NIH | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/NIH Image Gallery

In her personal life, Streisand’s life has been quite complex, with a fair share of love, breakups, and lifelong platonic relationships. But one connection that has not faded as the years have passed is her love for British actor Ralph Fiennes, who will be forever remembered for his terrifying role as Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films.

James Brolin Is Unhappy With Barbra Streisand’s Connection With Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes and Barbra Streisand
Ralph Fiennes and Barbra Streisand backstage after her concert | via Barbra Streisand’s Meta page

It was in the 1990s when Barbra Streisand came across Fiennes. She had visualized Ralph Fiennes as the ideal person for a movie adaptation of The Normal Heart, a play that she intended to produce. That was the beginning of their connection, and she became fascinated with his presence and his mysterious character.

According to RadarOnline, an insider revealed to National Enquirer that Streisand’s love for Fiennes might be creeping into her 26-year-old marriage with James Brolin. The insider said,

Jim doesn’t like it one bit. Ralph’s a well-known ladies’ man and Jim doesn’t want him over ogling his wife. But Barbra shamelessly crushes over him. She wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her marriage, but she can still dream.

The insider then disclosed that Streisand admitted that she found Fiennes irresistibly attractive and that Fiennes also feels the same way about her.

Ralph seemed just as attracted to her — and still is — if you ask Barbra. He never misses a concert and the way he looks at her gets her weak in the knees.

Although Streisand’s infatuation with Fiennes may appear harmless, it has frustrated Brolin. According to RadarOnline, an insider told National Enquirer that Brolin is tired of handling her demands. The insider said,

Jim is sick of being her whipping boy. She’s in his face constantly complaining about this or that. He has the patience of a saint, but friends wonder why he puts up with it. Barbra’s so needy and demanding and treats him like a doormat. Lately — even by his standards — she’s been off the charts.

According to Streisand, Fiennes never married after his divorce from Alex Kingston in 1997 because the actor loves too many women. However, as per the insider, both Streisand and Fiennes never lost their touch.

Barbra Streisand Had a Rocky Past Before Marrying James Brolin

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin
Barbra Streisand and James Brolin | via Wikimedia Commons/ifescript

The history of Streisand’s complicated love life in a way shows how her relationship is with Brolin now. In her memoir, My Name Is Barbra, she writes the story of her search for long-lasting love, which was very difficult even after her professional success.

Her first marriage with actor Elliott Gould seemed to be going well with the birth of their son Jason. However, during that time, Streisand got attracted to Sydney Chaplin, and her marriage eventually ended in divorce after many ups and downs.

Moreover, her associations with Omar Sharif, Anthony Newley, and even Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, whom she had considered marrying, were also unsuccessful, as these could not give her the stability she wanted.

Streisand also got into a relationship with her hairdresser turned producer, Jon Peters, but it didn’t work out as well. She later had brief stints with Peter Matz, Richard Baskin, James Newton Howard, Don Johnson, and even Andre Agassi. However, they didn’t flourish either, as she felt she chose unavailable men.

It was not until in her late 50s that she would find comfort in James Brolin, a man whom she described as emotionally available with a unique sense of humor. In her memoir, she talks about how she found Brolin when she lost all hope in finding a life partner and how Brolin was perfect for her.

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