While any producer has not yet given the green light for a new Batman Beyond animated movie, a fan has already come up with a teaser. Batman, also known as The Caped Crusader, is one of the most popular superheroes among fans. The craze of Batman has always been unreal among superhero fans. Whether it is an animated movie or a live-action movie, movies based on Batman have always grossed quite well. 

A still from Batman: The Animated Series
A still from 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series

At the same time, fans adore the Spider-verse. The most entertaining and mood-boosting character of all time, Spiderman has always been the fans’ favorite. So, for whom will the world cheer when both the animated superheroes compete against each other? Well, a recent video of Batman has apparently taken the pie without a doubt. 

Batman Beyond Animated Movie Concept Trailer

Shameik Moore
A still from Spider-Man Across the Spiderverse

Two weeks ago, a YouTube channel named Vehgeto posted a video that has taken the world by surprise. The video features the Tomorrow Knight’s first appearance. Vehgeto posted a fan-made concept teaser of Batman Beyond that has impressed almost everyone, and fans have gone berserk. 

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This 40-second-long fan-made teaser that gives an idea about Batman Beyond is going viral. Although officially, there’s no update that confirms the speculation that Batman Beyond is happening, this concept teaser has magnified the desire of fans. 

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People believe that if a fan-made teaser can be so good, almost matching the Spider-Verse animation, then how impressive it will be when the professional animators make a genuine attempt? An X user said:

“Looks too much like Spiderverse animation. It’s cool looking.”

Another X-app user predicts that even if Batman Beyond teaser cannot go toe-to-toe with a Spider-Verse teaser, it might still earn a big bag of cash. 

Will Batman Beyond Ever Hit the Screens?

Terry McGinnis in batman beyond
Terry McGinnis in 1999’s Batman Beyond animated series

It’s true that after the fan-made Batman Beyond concept teaser, the demand and anticipation for the Batman Beyond movie has skyrocketed. However, it’s also true that as of now, there’s no official news out in public that guarantees that any such project is in progress. 

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CBR recently shared the details about Batman Beyond. The article mentions very clearly that although My Dad the Bounty Hunter co-creator Patrick Harpin and Spider-Verse visual development artist Yuhki Demers pitched for a Batman Beyond movie, they got turned down by Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics. 

However, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics loved the enthusiasm of Harpin and Demers, and hence their early ‘no’ changed into a ‘maybe’. The news may not be as uplifting as fans might have hoped. However, it is safe to say that the possibility of a Batman Beyond animated movie still exists. 

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