The legendary filmmaker Joel Schumacher was a man of multiple talents. He was not only a brilliant director, but also a producer and a screenwriter too. Joel Schumacher was chosen by the billion-dollar production house Warner Bros to replace the director Tim Burton in 1993. He was the brain behind the 1995 release Batman Forever. 

Joel Schumacher

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Joel Schumacher initially started off his Hollywood career in the fashion industry. He was a costume designer for legendary actor Woody Allen’s Sleeper and Interiors. He has been the brain behind critically acclaimed movies like-A Time To Kill, The Phantom Of The Opera, and Batman And Robin. His first directed movie was The Incredible Shrinking Woman released in 1981.

Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever Releases With  A New Runtime

Recently, filmmaker Kevin Smith screened Joel Schumacher‘s cut of Batman Forever to a selective audience at the Smodcastle Cinema in New Jersey in July. The Chasing Amy director went on to reveal during his appearance on the Fat Man Beyond podcast about the movie. The American director mentioned-

“You know what I got a copy of? Batman Forever, the fucking Schumacher cut. I probably shouldn’t be talking about this. Warner Brothers is going to take my ticket away.”

Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher

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According to the reactions of the fans who have already seen Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever version, the original runtime of the famous movie, which was around 121 minutes have been increased to 158 minutes. A  small clip of around 37 minutes has been added to the director’s cut. The movie was also described as a bit slow-paced in comparison to the 1995 released version. According to the reports, the newer version of Batman Forever explores the emotional side of Bruce Wayne where he finds himself responsible for his parent’s death.

Fans React To Director Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever

The Crowded Room creator, American filmmaker Akiva Goldsman spoke about the late director Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and was all praises for the movie. The director said-

 “I saw [the “Schumacher Cut”] recently, and it’s funny because there’s been a swell on the Internet for it, and I stay out of it, mostly. Although, it’s got about 35% more psychological realism in it. You know, it’s really more about guilt and shame. But the preview audience didn’t want it — the world wasn’t ready. Joel’s first cut had all of it in, and the audience was like, ‘Yeah, we just like the part where the guy’s funny and he’s scary and the big thing…’ And so, it got cut down into what it is. And it was cool.”

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Batman Forever

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The director further continued-

“I’m certainly an advocate for it being in the world — just for Joel, you know? Because he died and he died quietly… You know, there wasn’t a lot of honoring him and it would be a nice way to honor him, I think. And I think he’d get a kick out of it.”

Fans took to Twitter to express their views about the Schumacher cut of Batman Forever. According to a tweet, the movie is much more Batman-centered movie.

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A Twitter user spoke about the score of Batman Forever.

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A fan went on to compare the movie with Zack Snyder’s Justice League and mentioned-

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Reputed actors like George Clooney, Van Killmer, and Sean Connery to name a few owe their Hollywood careers to the late director. A man with a heart of gold and an eye for perfection as a director would always be remembered as a gem in the treasury of Hollywood.

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