The Batmobile is perhaps the most iconic film car of all time, rivaled only by James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 and the Mini Cooper from The Italian Job. Every cinematic form of the Batman character has had its own version of the vehicle, with the Batmobile frequently serving as a character in its own right.

Despite the fact that the Batmobile has evolved significantly over the years, it is always simple to identify, even when a model has a highly distinctive and new design and does not have a clear Bat emblem painted on it. However, we all wanted a batmobile of our own when we were kids, right?

This article shows 5 of those top Batmobiles we wanted for ourselves when we were kids!

Batmobile in Batman & Robin


While the design of this Batmobile has a lot to answer for, mostly because it is open-topped with incredibly lengthy batwings on the rear, it is still one of the most memorable and original Batmobile designs of all time. Taking cues from the Burton Batmobile, this version retained the lengthy look while also introducing a stylish, exposed engine design.

While Batman & Robin received harsh criticism from both reviewers and fans, the picture does have some redeeming qualities, one of which is this Batmobile.

Batmobile in Batman Beyond

batman beyond batmobile

The Batman Beyond Batmobile is possibly the most distinctive design of any on this list. Because the program is set in a future Gotham, a full redesign of the Batmobile was required to help construct this new and distinct Batman.

As a result, the Batmobile in Batman Beyond resembles a spaceship rather than a car/tank. The vehicle is capable of flight and invisibility, as well as having a one-of-a-kind cockpit design.

Batmobile in Batman Forever

Batman 23

Batman Forever, like Batman & Robin, was not a critical hit like its predecessors. The picture marked a departure from Tim Burton’s dark, gothic vision of Batman, favoring a more light-hearted, family-friendly depiction of the character.

Having said that, while Batman Forever was not a tremendous hit, its Batmobile design was. While it did not capture the gloomy aspect of Batman in the same way that the Burton films did, it did catch a more contemporary, comic book look that was commendable.

Batmobile in Batman Returns (1989)


This is the Batmobile, according to many fans. The Burton films had to develop a Batman film that was dark, serious, and a little terrifying, a difficult task made more difficult by Adam West’s campy Batman being the most renowned mainstream rendition of the character at the time.

Nonetheless, Burton nailed his portrayal of the character, and the design of the Batmobile was one of the most successful aspects of his films. The car wonderfully reflected Burton’s movie’s complete look, with the long, styled Batmobile being a gothic masterpiece.

Batmobile in the Batman: Animated Series


Batman: The Animated Series is one of the most highly acclaimed, influential, and well-liked animated series of all time. Taking cues from Tim Burton’s films, showrunners Bruce Timm and Paul Dini created a dark, film noir version of Batman that gave birth to characters like Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya, and even a new origin story for Mr. Freeze.

While the design of the Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile is definitely influenced by the design of the Batmobile from the Burton films, it also has significant changes that make it really unique. As a result, many fans consider this to be the finest version of the Batmobile.

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