Ruby Rose was enormously successful in winning the hearts of her fans. But, the Batwoman made a shocking announcement recently, which has left her fans heartbroken.

She finally decided to turn down her role as Batwoman. This announcement has left the DC Arrowverse show in shock.

The fans are leaving no stones unturned to show their immense love to the superhero. They are expressing their feelings on social media platforms and are not at all shy about sharing their pain openly.

The show, Batwoman will soon start the search for the superhero replacement. In January 2021, its new episodes might return.

The Batwoman: Ruby Rose, surprisingly quits the show.

Ruby Rose in the Batwoman Series

The 34-year-old Australian actress, Ruby Rose is resigning from the role of Kate Kane / Batwoman. She played her part in CW’s first season of the series.

Recently, Rose made an announcement in the press about not reprising her role any further, in the second season.

Rose stated, “I have taken the tough decision of not returning to Batwoman’s next season. I didn’t make this decision by taking it lightly as I have worked hard for this role. I have the uttermost respect for everyone, including the cast and crew members.”

She also expressed her gratitude and love to both her fans and the team cast. She further quoted, “I appreciate Sarah Schechter, Greg Berlanti, and Caroline Dry for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I also thank them for welcoming me into the DC universe, which they created so beautifully. A big thanks to Peter Roth, Mark Pedowitz and his teams at Warner Bros. I’m also grateful to the CW who has put so much effort into the show and also for believing me. She also added, “Thanks to all my fans who made season it one a success and I am extremely grateful for all of this.”

Here is the tweet after Rosy filming her first series of Batwoman.

But, neither the actress nor the show’s producers revealed the actual reason for leaving the series. Nevertheless, some reports of the Deadline, revealed that her decision is nowhere linked to the injury, she suffered on set, last September.

Due to this injury, she had to undergo an emergency surgery which left her in chronic pain.

Batwoman leaves her fans heartbroken.


Her dropping off from the series, came after in January, when the CW resumed the season 2 for Batwoman. Thus, the show will continue with a new actor replacing Rose for the title role. If you scroll down, you can realise how the DC fandom is upset. They are all reacting to the news with emotional posts and tweets.

Here are few of her fans’ tweets showing off their feelings:-

Rosy’s fans reactions show how much upset they are, with her leaving the role. One of the fans tweeted, ” I’m so much upset about Ruby Rose WTF.” Other fans are reacting and asking about how can anybody else even think of replacing such a talented actress.

At the same time, fans are also tweeting different versions of opinions. A tweet quoted, ” Ruby Rose was NEVER my Batwoman.”

Fans are eager to know the reason behind her quitting the show. They have flooded the internet already with this question.

A fan tweeted asking that, ” Can I even know the real reason, why Ruby Rose left Batwoman?”

Though many fans didn’t like the role of Batman, Rosy wasn’t the reason for it. Here’s the tweet proving it. It states, “anyways the powers that be at the CW or Batwoman must have really not liked Ruby Rose to actually let the star/title character of the show get out of there, no doubt, multi-year contract. I want the details”.

All her fans have poured their feelings out through these tweets. All of the fans are bringing their point of views in front of the public.

Previously, it was also heard that Rose initially faced many comments from her fans as she was a lesbian superhero. The fans were seen arguing that she wasn’t the right choice for the role. It might be because of her sexuality and religion. But, those fans are the only ones who are now, not able to accept this decision happily.

The official’s statements.

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After all these reactions, the productions finally opened up on the issue of Rosy quitting her role. In a joint statement, Berlanti Productions and WBTV told the media that, “The team of The CW, Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Productions thanks Ruby for her contributions in making the first season of the show a grand success. We all wish her good luck.”

The officials further stated, “Both the studio and network are firmly committed to Batwoman’s second season and long-term future. The show’s talented creative team and we are now looking forward to sharing a new path of the series. It includes the casting of a new lead actress along with identifying a member of the LGBTQ community, in the coming months.”

Here is one of the rear tweet of CW:-

Everyone who was flattered by her acting skills is going to miss her in the second season. But, we all wish her good luck for her upcoming projects.

Watch out the video of the probable reasons Rosy quitting the show:-

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