The world has seen many A-List celebrities having comradery and friendship right from their childhood, and some of them have hilarious stories. Matthew Perry who played Chandler Bing in the Friends series was “ahead” of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the actor shared an anecdote from their early school days. Just like his role in the Friends series, the actor has had a notorious trait from childhood. Before he moved to the US and become an actor, Matthew Perry shared the same school as Justin Trudeau. While talking about his early school days, the actor revealed he bullied Justin Trudeau. 

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Matthew Perry shared an anecdote about bullying Justin Trudeau during their school days

Justin Trudeau

The Friends actor was at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where he was talking about being “Half Canadian”. While talking about his early school days, the actor recalled an incident where his friend, Chris Murray reminded him that they both beat up Justin Trudeau when they were in the fifth standard. The Friends actor said they were jealous of Justin Trudeau because of a sport that they were not good at.

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The Friends actor revealed the reason that he and his friend beat up Justin Trudeau

Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry said he was “not proud of” the story that he has with the Canadian Prime Minister. He shared that he beat him up because of “pure jealousy”.

“I was a couple of years ahead of him. My friend Chris Murray who was also in the fifth grade in Canada reminded me we actually beat up Justin Trudeau. I don’t know. We both beat him up. I think he was excelling in a sport that we weren’t, so it was pure jealousy.”

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Matthew Perry takes the credit for Justin Trudeau becoming the Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau is the 23rd and Prime Minister of Canada

Interestingly, both of them attended a public school in Ottawa named and to date, the actor thinks what he did was “terrible”. Matthew Perry later added that the bullying made Justin Trudeau think “to become prime minister”.

“I think I was rather instrumental in him going to such great heights and becoming the prime minister. I think he said, you know, ‘I’m going to rise above this and I’m going to become prime minister.”

Following the statement made by the Friends actor, the Canadian Prime Minister jokingly tweeted and asked Matthew Perry for a rematch. 

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live 

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