The buzz of Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness is getting higher day by day. So far we know, Illuminati will play a major role in Sam Raimi’s Dr. Strange 2. Seems like Marvel has given up trying to hide its cameos as leaks are ruing the party. However, fans have the same craze even knowing what could happen in Doctor Strange 2. So far we know Black Bolt will be a part of the Illuminati but very less of his powers and abilities have been introduced in the MCU.

Black Bolt will be making its MCU Movie Debut with Doctor Strange 2 after first appearing in Marvel’s Inhumans series. The series added to the failed list of marvel series as it fell flat on audiences and critics alike. There is no confirmation that Anson Mount who played Black Bolt in the Inhuman Series will be the same in Doctor Strange 2. However, fans are curious to see what are the powers and abilities that the ruler of Attilan, Black Bolt possesses.

Being a member of the Illuminati, Black Bolt is the leader of Inhumans

Black Bolt as Illuminati Member
As per rumors, Anson Mount is reprising his role as Black Bolt in Dr Strange 2

Black Bolt’s one of the main abilities is to harness electrons. Being the son of the son of Rynda and Agon, he is the chief geneticist of the Inhumans. Just like Magneto, Black Bolt can use levitate himself and other objects. Through manipulation of electrons, Black Bolt can fly and give a tough fight to quicksilver.

Black Bolt’s Quasi Sonic Energy

Black Bolt Energy in Dr Strange 2
Black Bolt can cause destruction with just a whisper

Black Bolt can generate a voice equivalent to a nuclear weapon. The electron-harnessing of Black Bolt’s ability is linked to the speech center of his brain. Any attempt to use his vocal cords triggers an uncontrollable disturbance that can emit enough energy to level mountains.
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Black Bolt: Super Human Strength enough to give a fight to Hulk

In Comics, Black Bolt was considered stronger than Thor and second next to Hulk

Black Bolt possesses a degree of strength like Captain Marvel that far exceeds the strength of any normal human. He uses antennae on his head and channels the electrons into his body, boosting his strength to an insane level. In the comics, Black Bolt was once considered as being a “close second” to the Hulk.

Cosmic Awareness for any trouble in the Universe

Black Bolt in Dr Strange 2
Black Bolt and Captain Carter will be seen as a part of Illuminati in the Dr Strange 2

Black Bolt can detect direct powerful threats and perceive changes in the universe. This power is similar to Captain Marvel. Black Bolt can feel it in their mind when the world is in danger and locate the threat and deal with it.

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