Brad Pitt is being praised on the internet for his generous gesture to an elderly widower. This gesture also stated that he does not require any money from his ex-partner, actress Angelina Jolie. The feud between Jolie and Pitt over assets isn’t new to the world, but this act of kindness proves that Pitt doesn’t need money from his ex-wife.

Brad Pitt at an event
Brad Pitt at an event

Pitt recently sold his Los Angeles mansion after 30 years of ownership amid an ongoing feud with Jolie. Pitt and Jolie lived in this mansion with their children until their divorce in 2019.

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Brad Pitt’s net worth is $300 million 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie both had issues since their divorce, including a feud over assets that they both shared. Pitt has a net worth of $300 million more than Angelina Jolie. She has a total net worth of $120 million. Pitt’s gesture towards this older man made Pitt fans claim that the Lost City actor has a big heart and he is not looking for an opportunity to take money from his ex-wife. Pitt had allowed a widowed man to live rent-free on his recently departed sprawling LA property for years until he died. The mansion is worth $39 million.  Cassandra Peterson, an actress, told the story of Pitt and the older man. He purchased the 1.9-acre Los Feliz, California, house in 1994 and legally permitted the man to live there until his death at the age of 105. 

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Brad Pitt bought many houses on that sprawling estate 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

   Peterson also talked about how Pitt was interested in making investments in that land. In an interview with PEOPLE, Peterson said,

He was very, very kind to the husband. This man’s wife passed away and the husband, John, lived there. I know that Brad allowed him to live there without paying anything until he died.”

The Munsters actress also revealed that there were many other properties Pitt bought in the area. She said, 

“ I think there were like 22 houses that were contiguous to the edge of the property. And every time they came up, he bought one.” 

When the house went on the market, Pitt reportedly agreed to let the widower continue to live there rent-free in exchange for Pitt purchasing it. Peterson joked and said, 

“He just kept living forever. I imagine Brad was thinking, ‘Well, you know, he can live there till he dies, which might be any minute now.’”

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This news started a debate amongst fans which claimed that Pitt has a big heart and it is Jolie who needs money from her husband. Pitt sued his ex-wife Jolie after she sold a share of her French vineyard where they got married. Reportedly Jolie sold her share without the Moneyball actor’s consent. Jolie had also claimed that Pitt isn’t paying their children sufficient amounts for childcare and he was not consistent in paying the amount. 

Source: PEOPLE


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