Haven’t yet decided the gift for your valentine, DC brings you their spooky DC-themed valentines day card. the service releases a total of nine cards with a set of three being available exclusively . its a romantic spooktacular work of art depicting love in a very twisted manner.

Spooky cards as a messenger -1

 spooky marvel cards valentine
valentine’s day inspired cards

The above image depicts the DC form of love in its own twisted manner with first cards directing a message which says” I’ll sweep you off your feet valentine”, it seems as if the Dracula is holding a damsel in distress with bats flying over the sky while the second card pleads the valentine to spend some time with the demon in an hourglass as it fills with sand captioned as” Spend some time with me valentine “.

Spooky cards as a messenger -2

 spooky marvel cards valentine
heartwarming messages delivered through spooky cards

The below card portrays someone lugging a basket on its back while it crosses the bridge with a message captioned as “Don’t worry valentine, I’ve got your back” in hopes of getting across your message to your respective partner of being faithful and the fourth is a web of heart illustrating the spirals and labyrinth of love

Not at all exclusive

 spooky marvel cards valentine

.These valentine’s day cards are not exclusive to DC members only hence anyone can download print and send it to your loved ones. even though a digital subscription to the DC universe would be an ideal gift for a comic book fan in a relationship which also consists of highlighting v-day titles.

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