Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga left an indelible mark with Thanos, the colossal menace crafted by Marvel Comics writer Jim Starlin. The dramatic clash in Avengers: Endgame‘s climactic showdown still resonates, yet Thanos’ looming legacy endures. A surprising twist emerges, however, as this legacy takes an unforeseen turn through a family connection plucked right from the pages of Marvel Comics. This twist unfurls within the mid-credits scene of 2021’s Eternals.


The mid-credits scene doesn’t just introduce one fresh face to the MCU mix; it’s a double whammy. First up is Pip the Troll, brought into our world through the wizardry of motion capture, courtesy of the comedic genius Patton Oswalt. And standing shoulder to shoulder with Pip is Eros, AKA Starfox, played with a certain charm by none other than Harry Styles. The intriguing twist is that both Starfox and Pip the Troll are the brainchildren of comic maestro Jim Starlin. Yes, the same genius who dreamt up Thanos also spun these characters into existence.

Jim Starlin Dives into the Cosmic Resonance of Harry Styles’ Eternals Debut

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

In an exclusive interview, the legendary former Marvel Comics writer, Jim Starlin, delved into his extraordinary experience witnessing the introduction of his own beloved creations to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the mid-credits scene of Eternals. A momentous revelation, it was a chapter he couldn’t have predicted even with his unparalleled imagination.

Starlin’s narrative takes an intriguing twist as he discloses that the mid-credits scene was a conduit for two of his personal favorites, sparking an exhilarating connection between his creative vision and the cinematic realm. Among the new entrants, one stands out as an embodiment of modern pop culture superstardom. None other than the globally acclaimed pop icon, Harry Styles, assumed the role of Eros, adding an unexpected layer of enchantment to Starlin’s universe.

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Curiously, Starlin admitted to being initially unfamiliar with Harry Styles, an admission that reflects the vastness of the pop star’s reach beyond his core audience. However, Starlin’s curiosity led him to delve into Styles’ persona and body of work, ultimately culminating in a newfound appreciation. He voiced his resounding approval for Styles’ portrayal of Eros, the character so dear to him, and confessed to undergoing a personal transformation in the process—a self-proclaimed “Converted Fanboy” of the globally acclaimed pop sensation’s former band, One Direction.

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Jim Starlin’s Unique Challenge of Adapting Pip the Troll

Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin

In the electrifying mid-credits scene of Eternals, Jim Starlin’s imaginative universe underwent a dynamic transformation as Pip the Troll, one of his most ingenious creations, sprang to life with the aid of Patton Oswalt’s vocal prowess. This inspired casting choice offered a vivid manifestation of Starlin’s characters, skillfully blurring the boundary between the comic book panels and the cinematic realm.

Interestingly, Jim Starlin directed attention toward Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, sharing his hopes and reflections regarding Pip’s journey to cinematic life. Starlin openly acknowledged the complexity of bringing his creations to Disney’s Marvel, especially considering the distinct personality of Pip.

“He’s an alcoholic, cigar-smoking, gambling, womanizing degenerate. Probably the most immoral character I’ve ever created. He even beats out Thanos in the immorality department. Thanos at least is running on his own moral code, which Pip banned years before.”

Remarkably, Jim Starlin extended his blessing to Patton Oswalt’s casting as Pip, drawing on his admiration for Oswalt’s past performances and recognizing the impeccable fit between Oswalt’s voice and Pip’s persona. This endorsement underscored Starlin’s enthusiasm for seeing his character interpreted with authenticity and flair. In a remarkable fusion of creativity, fame, and fandom, Jim Starlin’s cinematic journey showcases storytelling’s ability to unite realms, capture hearts, and turn even veteran creators into unexpected admirers.

Eternals is now available for streaming on Disney+, Vudu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

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