Kanye West’s marriage to Bianca Censori (reportedly) might not be a very good idea after all. As he is a father of four children from his previous marriage to ex-wife Kim Kardashian, they might feel ignored by his secret marriage. According to Parenting consultant Kirsty Ketley, the way parents deal with relationships has an effect on the children around them. Parents are role models to their kids, it is easy for the children to quickly set into their minds the actions that parents carry out.

Moreover, in West’s case, he is already very distant from his former wife Kim K. Their 4 children are already growing up without much presence of the father. And now he has reportedly got married to someone new secretly. It can possibly make the situation worse between him and his kids, according to Ketley.

Parenting Consultant Says Kanye West’s New Marriage is for His Kids

Kanye West with his children and ex-wife Kim Kardashian
Kanye West with his children and ex-wife Kim Kardashian

Recently, a few days after Kanye West was reported to have married Bianca Censori on January 13th, parenting consultant Kirsty Ketley gave her views on it. She shared many problems that might arise due to West’s secret marriage. Especially when it comes to his children, with whom he already spends much less time. Ketley shared with The Sun how the rapper’s new marriage could result in the loss of his children’s self-esteem. She said,

“Kids are thought to be less likely to pursue marriage themselves and be more likely to have commitment issues.”

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She also added that as the wedding was carried out secretly, it was possibly going to have bad effects on his kids. Moreover, the Heartless rapper married someone who is a total stranger to the kids. And therefore the result could probably lead to his kids feeling unimportant or unloved. On that line of thought the consultant said,

“This could make the children feel like they don’t matter,” 

Kanye West
Kanye West

Along with that, they might grow up with “commitment issues”, which would result in them having unstable relationships later. Even though all of the above-mentioned issues are Ketley’s views, nevertheless, it is worth a look once.

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Who is Bianca Censori and How Did the Marriage Come to Be?

Bianca Censori
Bianca Censori

Kanye West has found his new partner almost two years after his split from his former wife, Kim Kardashian. His new flame, Bianca Censori is an architectural designer for his brand Yeezy. The pair sparked dating rumors recently on January 9th when they were spotted dining at Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. And soon after on 13th January, TMZ reported that the two got married in an intimate ceremony.

Their relationship garnered attention recently, however, some think that West might have been dating her for much longer. His song Censori Overload released last December might possibly be referring to the real Censori.

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Source: The Sun

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