Spawn’s creation is seen as Todd McFarlane’s best contribution to Image Comics in the 90’s. The character became popular among fans and landed with its own film in 1997. Ever since McFarlane has been trying his best to get another film.

However, we finally have news for a new Spawn film from Blumhouse Productions. During a panel at New York Comic Con, McFarlane addressed his frustrations regarding the conflict of ideas between him and the studio about what Spawn should be like.

McFarlane stated this issue and revealed that he wants Spawn to fit more into the horror genre while Hollywood simply looks at it as a superhero film. “Here’s what’s frustrating about this process,” he said, “Hollywood doesn’t get what I’m trying to do.”

He added, “I can tell by the notes they gave they just don’t understand it.”

McFarlane is having a tough time to get Studios having faith in an R-rated comic book horror film than a traditional PG-13 superhero film.

The director also shared his thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker film, illustrating the difference between the actual “dark” and what Hollywood thinks are “dark” films. “I don’t believe they’re going to deliver a scary Joker movie,” he said. “Warner Bros dark and my dark are two different things.”

He concluded by revealing what he actually hopes to get out of an R-rated superhero film, with reference to Todd Phillip’s Joker. “My dark means if you bring children to a Joker movie they will leave crying,” McFarlane said.

The upcoming Spawn film will be the directorial debut for Todd McFarlane and stars Jeremy Renner and Jamie Foxx.

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