Hallyu Stars Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin are going to become parents soon; the two shared this great news with their fans through the social media platform. The couple, who is now known as #BinJin by doting fans, got immense popularity even before actually landing on the hit Kdrama- Crash Landing on You. Though the couple got global popularity from tvN’s Crash Landing on You, they had previously worked together in 2018’s The Negotiation.

Hallyu Stars Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin
Hallyu Stars Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin

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For the unversed, Crash Landing on You is a successful South Korean series that is the third highest-rated South Korean TV drama in cable television history. It revolves around two people from different backgrounds, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) who is a South Korean Chaebol heiress, and RiJeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin), a member of the North Korean elite and a Captain in the North Korean Special Police Force.

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They incidentally met when Yoon Se-ri gets blown away by the Tornado and lands in North Korea (an area forbidden for South Koreans). Their chemistry develops when RiJeong-hyeok gives her shelter while plans to secretly help her return to her nation. Eventually, they fall in love, irrespective of their countries’ disputes.

Hallyu Stars Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin are Soon-To-Be Parents!

Hallyu Stars Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin
Crash Landing On You Stars Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin

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On June 27, actress Son Ye Jin announced her pregnancy through Instagram to the couple’s fans sharing, “You are all well, right? I am doing well, Today, I want to carefully share some joyful news. A new life has come to us. I’m still a bit dazed, but I am feeling changes in my body every day with concern and excitement. As thankful as I am, I also feel that much cautious, so I haven’t even told anyone around me yet. Before it gets later, I am sharing this news with fans and acquaintances who must have been waiting as much as we. We will make sure to protect the valuable life that has come to us. I hope all of you will also protect what is valuable in your lives and live in good health… Be happy.”

Toxic Fans Trolling The #BinJin Couple

Hallyu Stars Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin
Toxic fans troll the couple

This news has made fans extremely happy as they’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. Meanwhile, toxic fans shared their negativity on Twitter. Check out the tweet below.

Their age has nothing to do with anything but toxic fans always need to nitpick everything, their love and support for each other makes them the doting stars fans adore.


It’s already been seen that fans get jealous of the popular couple while trying to spread negativity. It solely depends on the celebrities to choose whatever they want in their life, we always forget that before being the superstars, they are human beings. Though these toxic fans won’t ever get to affect the couple as they will be discarded by the love and support fans give to their doting stars. The cheerful couple will surely be happy as so many fans are supporting the couple as they will always be there for #BinJin. Saranghae!

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