Danny DeVito is a legend, and he was just pranked by his Twins 2 co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger (another legend) in an extremely funny behind-the-scenes video.
Danny and Arnold had become an unlikely duo in the 1988’s comedy film Twins.
The duo’s chemistry was a hit and the film went on to earn $216 million!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny from the original Twins
Arnold and Danny from the original Twins

Now the older team of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito has paired up again with Ivan Reitman (director of Twins) to come back with another Twins movie. The movie has been officially titled Triplets which is the sequel to Twins and it’s logical that they are adding another mismatched sibling to the already mismatched duo. Tracy Morgan is all set to play the third sibling (after Eddie Murphy was originally supposed to play this role).

In a clip released by Arnold on his YouTube channel, he gives Danny a gift while both are promoting Triplets. Danny quickly realizes that the present is not exactly what it looks to be and it leads to laughter.

Check out the hilarious video here

Danny gets a cigar!


Arnold also explained the story behind his prank on Danny DeVito. He went on to say that since the three of them were meeting together with the director to promote their movie Triplets. He saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring back a prank Danny pulled on him ages ago on a set of Twins. Danny back then had put marijuana in his cigar, and Arnold decided to prank him similarly.

But, Danny knew it straight away and sniffed out the ingredient straight away. So unfortunately Arnold’s attempt was a waste as since it took Danny just one sniff to know it was no ordinary cigar. But Danny sportingly did accept the gift and promised to “fire it up” later.

The cast of the sequel

It has been years since the original Twins came out but it is clearly visible how the two of them enjoy being together. Considering Twins was a massive hit back then, making a sequel by adding Tracy Morgan to the cast would give the film an extra boost.

The sequel doesn’t have a release date as of now.

Source: Screenrant

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