Stan Lee is best known by Marvel fans as the adorable and lovable grandpa character that pops up between movie scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but have you ever wondered what he was doing before that? Turns out, he was a superhero all along, living his life to protect and deliver justice.

Back in 1939, when Stan got his start at Timely Comics, there wasn’t a single person on Earth who could’ve predicted how much his comic book creations would change the world. That said, a few decades into Stan’s career with comics, it would be an understatement to say that comic books became more than just awesome stories about good vs. evil people in spandex suits fighting for the fate of humanity, but rather works of art that inspired generations of kids around the world to become their own heroes and make a name for themselves.

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Was Stan Lee Truly Visionary?

Lee is seen as the godfather of Marvel Comics. He helped to bring so many of its treasured characters to life. However, nobody knows the full story about the creation of the majestic stories. Here is something that might revoke the question that whether or not Stan Lee was truly visionary.

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Stan Lee Took All The Credits

Stan Lee is most often praised for creating such beloved superheroes as Spider-Man, Thor, the Fantastic Four, and The Avengers. Yet some people believe that credit shouldn’t just go to Lee alone but also to the comic artists and writers who helped him bring these iconic characters to life. While it’s true that he co-created these characters, he was far from a one-man show by any stretch of the imagination.


Stan Lee Didn’t Create Any Comic Character By Himself

Stan Lee is a name associated with many great heroes: Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, just to name a few. A lot of people even consider him the creator of the comic culture. The truth is, though, that Stan Lee did indeed not create any of those characters by himself. He had very big help from a brilliant artist named Jack Kirby and one other person who’s actually a bit behind the scenes but also very important – an illustrator/writer/editor named Steve Ditko.

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These three men are/were legends in their own right as they created some of the most famous comic book characters and worlds are ever known by anyone who has ever taken the time to read through their work. As much as Stan Lee always gets recognition and credit for his creations, the fact remains that he did share half of the workload with these two artists during their working days at Marvel Comics.


To conclude, while it is necessary to remember Stan Lee for his successful efforts in the comic book industry, it is also important to give props to the other individuals who contributed to making him a fixture. He was great at being the man behind the curtains, or so he was often called. But vision and the anticipation of what having a character or story behind such characters – this substance was derived from many sources; Lee among them! To stress one point though: Jack Kirby’s contribution towards creating superhuman characters should not be overlooked. Because, without him, comics might be very different today.

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