David Beckham is considered hands down one of the finest men out there. The Manchester United icon reached the top of the football pyramid after going through a lot. And it is only natural that he has carved out a reputation for himself.

But even that doesn’t mean he isn’t a normal parent. Being a star doesn’t mean Beckham will not be at the receiving end of treatment that any normal parent would have to face. Celebrity or not, kids find their dad ‘irritating’.

Parenting blues for the Beckhams

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham face parenting issues
The Beckhams

It has recently come to light that David Beckham was crushed by a remark his daughter made. Apparently, Harper Beckham, his youngest daughter, is not comfortable with being dropped off by her doting father.

Victoria Beckham made the revelation on the Armchair Expert podcast. She said that her younger daughter was not comfortable rolling up to the school with her father anymore. And naturally, that left him “heartbroken”.

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Why David Beckham is not the cool father anymore?

Harper is embarrassed of her father David Beckham
David Beckham and his youngest daughter Harper

She recounted the day it all happened. The father-daughter duo was on a ride to drop the latter. Victoria said,

“David was having this conversation the other day when he was dropping off Harper. […] She was like, ‘Daddy can you drop me a little bit away from the school’.”

These words came as a shock to Mr. Beckham who didn’t expect her to make such remarks in the least. She continued, “She’s our youngest daughter and he was like ‘oh really, this is happening'”.

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Even David Beckham had to settle

David Beckham heartbroken as his kids are embarrassed of him
Even David Beckham couldn’t escape being the annoying father

But the Inter Miami FC owner was not going down without a fight. His wife recounted the whole experience, saying,

“And then he was like ‘if it’s uncool that David Beckham’s your dad …’ I mean let’s be honest what hope do most of the other kids have.”

Sadly his efforts were in vain. The former Spice Girl tried to console him, by saying how it is natural for kids to go through this phase. She remembered her own days, when she didn’t want to go to school in her father’s car because it felt odd.

About time Beckham realized he is no different from an average parent after all. Even the legend couldn’t escape being the annoying dad.

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