Hellboy reboot takes place.

The Hellboy reboot was a surprise among lovers as it was initially disclosed, and while others desired the third instalment with Guillermo del Toro and Rob Perlman returning, the concept of a damn R-rated version sounded promising. However, now the film is set to hit theatres, it seems like the thought itself was much better than the implementation, since Hellboy has surfaced with a paltry 9 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Neil Marshal and producers have a clash on the sets of Hellboy.

Hellboy Reboot in Theatres now
Hellboy Reboot in Theatres now

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There could be a reason for this kind of bad critical reaction, as a new report from The Wrap suggests that tumultuous clashes happened behind the scenes involving director Neil Marshall and producers Lloyd Levin and Lawrence Gordon.

Marshall wasn’t pleased with the solution, which explains the reason why the director didn’t attend the premiere of the film.

According to the report from The Wrap, disagreements took place. Sources say that Levin would always undermine Marshall facing crew and cast, that celebrity David Harbour would deny to perform more shots for the manager and walked off out a lot of occasions, and a back-and-forth debate happened within the plan of a shrub which plays a pivotal part in the movie.

There was a problem over the shooting. McCurdy has a background working with Marshall as well as both worked together on several fan-favourite episodes of Game of Thrones. According to the report, McCurdy was disregarded as a means of “sending a message” into Marshall.

The lawyer Martin Singer of Levin reacted to the report of the Wrap, disputing lots of the conflicts.

“While my customer won’t comment on why Sam McCurdy was terminated as for that really is a personal thing, be advised it was a set decision and it had nothing at all to do with Mr Levin allegedly sending any sort of ‘message’ into Neil Marshall,” Singer wrote in an email.

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Sources state that Harbor and co-star Ian McShane supplied some rewrites though that has been contested by Singer.

McShane, Harbour, Marshall, and repetitions for Lionsgate refused to comment on this story.

Hellboy reviews are dismal.

Helllboy is Rated just 9% on rotten tomatoes
Helllboy is Rated just 9% on rotten tomatoes

The critics’ reviews for Hellboy aren’t great, and it feels like it might all boil down to disagreements about the record of the movie. We will see how the audience reacts as it premieres in theatres this Friday.

Source: Comicbook, The Wrap

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