Fans want Australian filmmaker George Miller on board to work on one of the biggest projects. DC came to the audience with its first movie, Superman and the Mole Men, in 1951 and since then, the superhero franchise has given dozens of superhit movies. 

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel | Source: DC Studios

Not just movies, DC has presented the cinema world with amazing characters like Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and  Wonder Woman. The present CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn, has even better plans to make DC more exciting. To execute these plans in the best way possible, fans want the Mad Max director to join hands with DC. 

Fans Believe George Miller is Best for Directing This DC Movie

George Miller | Source: Oxford Union on YouTube
George Miller | Source: Oxford Union on YouTube

Last year, DC posted a video on its YouTube channel where James Gunn revealed his plans regarding the upcoming movies. In the video,  he mentioned his passion project, The Authority. He said: 

The Authority is a passion project of mine. It’s based on the marvelous Wildstorm characters we are bringing into the DCU.

Now, to add the maximum glory to Gunn’s passion project, fans are demanding that Australian filmmaker George Miller be called in. DC fans believe that Miller is the best choice to direct The Authority. One of the X app users said:

James Gunn should hire him [George Miller] to direct The Authority.

Fans are pretty confident that Miller will absolutely rock The Authority if given a chance. Even those who are not really fond of The Authority agree to the fact that as of now, there’s no other director better than Miller to lead the project. 

Why Is James Gunn So Excited About The Authority?

DC Studios CEO James Gunn
James Gunn at San Diego Comic-Con International | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

The 57-year-old filmmaker and studio executive, James Gunn, is pretty excited about his passion project, The Authority (via DC). There are actually a few interesting factors that are increasing the level of Dopamine inside Gunn whenever he thinks about his passion project. 

To start, the characters in The Authority are not as totemic as characters like Superman or Batman, hence Gunn will have full freedom to shape the characters however he feels like. Gunn and the team can use their creative capabilities as wildly as they can. Next, The Authority will feature Wildstorm characters for the first time in the DC Universe which has always been a wish of Gunn. 

Bringing Wildstorm and DC characters together, according to Gunn, will surely bring the plate some interesting crossovers that everyone will fall in love with. Last but not least, through the characters of The Authority, the director is planning to present a different kind of superhero story. Here, the superheroes will go to extreme lengths to complete their missions. 

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