The fate of the MCU hangs in the balance as fans wait for Deadpool and Wolverine to hit the theatres. After a string of failed box office movies, Marvel Studios is reportedly tweaking its strategy for the upcoming phases to get back on top of the box office chart. Rumors and speculations as to who will appear in the upcoming third movie in the Deadpool franchise are flying off the handle. Fans are hoping to see various mutants and Avengers or at least their variants since the movie will revolve around the multiverse.

Will We See Dafne Keen’s X-23 In Deadpool 3?

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in ‘Deadpool 3’

While the trailer of Deadpool and Wolverine sparked massive excitement among the fans, we were left wondering if Dafne Keen’s X-23 would be seen in the movie. The timeline of the flick is a bit unclear as Wolverine dies in Logan but somehow appears in Deadpool and Wolverine. The trailer shows Deadpool getting entangled in a mess by the Time Variance Authority, so it might be so that the Wolverine we see is from another dimension or timeline.

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Dafne Keen in Logan
Dafne Keen in Logan

It also posits the question of X-23 appearing alongside Wolverine. In Logan, we are introduced to the feisty X-23 who is similar to Wolverine in a lot of ways. Their red-hot anger and quick-fight reflex show how they share certain qualities. As the mutants Deadpool and Wolverine enter the MCU and might have larger roles in future projects, Keen’s appearance as X-23 might pave the way for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to pass on the baton to young Keen.

A fan-source page on social media X recently stated that they saw a CV that confirmed Keen’s casting in Deadpool and Wolverine. Marvel has not commented on this yet and the casting seems to be a rumor at best. X-23’s involvement in the MCU will also enable them to build on the mutant storyline and expand the MCU further. Fans have even made artwork and posters with Keen in comic-accurate costumes as part of the MCU, reflecting people’s increasing excitement.

Another user CanWeGetToast on X posited last year that Marvel was in talks with Keen to bring her back as Laura aka X-23. They reported that she might not get a full role, but rather a cameo teasing her appearance in future projects. We can only wait to see for ourselves what Marvel has in store for the upcoming movies as Deadpool and Wolverine will set the stage for the same.

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What is Deadpool and Wolverine About?

Deadpool and Wolverine
A scene from Deadpool and Wolverine

The third installment in the blockbuster Deadpool franchise, Deadpool and Wolverine will feature the titular mutants taking a thrilling journey across the multiverse. The trailer of the movie has been received tremendously with fans already at work, trying to figure out easter eggs and more hidden details that will give away aspects of the movie.

The trailer shows the TVA contacting Deadpool and bringing him to the headquarters. It will possibly be after he messes with the timelines to bring back Vanessa who is also seen in the trailer. Consequently, Mr Paradox asks Deadpool to be a hero among heroes, and finally prove his worth to everyone around him. High-octane action and hilarious quips continue as Deadpool goes on this life-changing adventure.

Deadpool and Wolverine will be released worldwide on July 26, 2024.

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