Back in 2012, following his divorce from ex-wife Katie Holmes, Hollywood star Tom Cruise got dramatically linked with his Knight and Day co-star Cameron Diaz the same year. The rumors went up in the air when Cruise was spotted attending Diaz’s birthday party in London where they seemingly looked very comfortable with each other.

Inevitably, this brought up the talks about their possible union as a couple. Moreover, both of them were single at the time which made it all the more convenient.

However, the rumors never came to anything solid as Cruise’s team denied it and they also have not been spotted together much since the birthday party to get the rumors running again.

A Look at Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s Dating Rumor

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

Tom Cruise is one star who has romanced various women throughout his career in Hollywood to date. And after their separation from his ex-wife Katie Holmes back in June 2012, the actor was reported to be in a bad state emotionally. However, a few months later he was spotted attending his Knight and Day co-star Cameron Diaz’s birthday party celebrated at the Ascort’s Coworth park hotel in London.

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The pair appeared very friendly and close to each other which immediately sparked dating rumors among the onlookers. One shared with Life & Style magazine at the time that,

“I could see them hooking up, absolutely”

Both of them were supposed to stay in the same city for their respective work at the time. In addition to that both actors were single which further helped fuel the rumor. However, the Mission Impossible star’s team denied the dating rumors explaining that the pair’s closeness was nothing more than a sign of their “friendship”.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

The two have had only nice things to say about each other. Although many wished to see the two become a couple their relationship seemingly never went beyond friendship.

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Why Did Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Divorce Each Other?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

After five years of marriage, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise decided to separate. The primary reason was said to be Cruise’s association with the church of Scientology. At the time the Top Gun star shared,

“there is no need to protect [his] daughter from my religion”

Despite this, he did later admit that it was one of the main reasons that led to the split. The ex-couple shares a daughter named Suri Cruise who is 17 years at the moment. It has been reported that the Jerry Mcguire actor has not had much interaction with his daughter since his split with her mom.

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