X-Men Franchise is rumoredly getting Glen Powell for the role of Cyclops, making fans freak out about the rumored casting. After the successful acquisition of Disney on 20th Century Fox with a deal of $71.3 billion, they have technically acquired the rights for the entire X-Men franchise, as well as Deadpool and Fantastic Four. This means that Cyclops from the X-Men will now be under the flagship of MCU.

Glen Powell and Cyclops
Glen Powell and Cyclops

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Powell is an American star who is known for the Scream Queens series, Everybody Wants Some, and has recently starred in 2022’s box office blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick which is a sequel to 1986’s Top Gun.

Glen Powell Could Be The Next Cyclops In The X-Men Franchise

Glen Powell and Cyclops
Glen Powell and Cyclops

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According to a major thread on Reddit, there are rumors set for Marvel Studios’ presentation at Comic-Con, which speculated that the Top Gun: Maverick star might be appearing in the role of Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Cyclops is a mutant with superhuman abilities to fire powerful beams of energy from his eyes, though he can only control the beams with the help of special eyewear which he must wear at all times. Having been one of the first members of the modern group of X-Men, he was chosen to become the X-Men’s field leader.

Fans Reacting To The Rumors of Glen Powell Being The Cyclops in The MCU

Actor Glen Powell
Actor Glen Powell

Fans are excited about this speculation and would love to see the Maverick actor working in the X-Men franchise. One Twitter user showed his excitement about Powell joining the MCU.


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Another Twitter user showed their enthusiasm by sharing how ‘awesome’ it would be if the rumors about Powell joining the MCU is true.

Another user added how Powell would be ‘perfect’ to play the role of the mutant in the MCU.


While this Twitter fan shared how Powell would be a ‘top tier casting’ in the X-Men for the role of Cyclops.

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Though this is just speculation, many fans are literally ‘begging’ for the rumors to come true.

Though X-Men still has a long way to appear in the MCU’s future, it has been referenced quite a lot in the franchise, with the latest being Ms. Marvel who is revealed to be an Inhuman in the series.

San Diego Comic-Con 2022 will be held from July 21 to July 24 at the San Diego Convention Center.

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