In early July, social media personality Logan Paul proposed to Danish model Nina Agdal. After dating for almost a year, the couple got engaged in Italy. The pictures Paul posted on Instagram after the engagement included one in which he could be seen down on one knee with the diamond ring in his hand in front of his girlfriend.

On July 28, 2023, it was announced that Paul would be headlining MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card on October 14 in Manchester Arena. In this match, he will be up against the Bellator MMA star Dillon Danis who has been daily posting pictures of Nina Agdal alongside other men as a means of riling Paul up before the match. However, he recently took his trolling way too far by posting a personal video of Nina Agdal.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

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Nina Agdal’s Personal Video Has Gained Way Too Many Views

As if Dillon Danis trolling Logan Paul using the pictures of his fiancée Nina Agdal wasn’t enough, Danis decided to notch up his rivalry with Paul by posting a 40-second X-rated video of Agdal. In the video, Agdal is seen saying:

“By the way, I’m very proud of myself because this is the longest I’ve gone without s*x since I’ve started. Obviously, it’s driving me crazy. I am struggling, I need p*nis inside of me, ASAP. Like all I want is a big fat sausage just, destroying my body. So if any of you guys know a good d*** that doesn’t have STD’s on it. I’ll take it, right here.”

Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis

The video is way too personal to be on the internet, and Danis posting it online just to rile Logan Paul up has been criticized by netizens. However, the video has managed to get more than 109 million views within 24 hours. Danis posting these pictures and videos to troll Logan Paul is indirectly promoting the boxing match between the two of them.

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Logan Paul Is Not Too Bothered by Dillon Danis’ Antics

Logan Paul with his fiancée Nina Agdal
Logan Paul with his fiancée Nina Agdal

Logan Paul has openly admitted that none of Dillon Danis’ attempts at trolling him have caused any kind of tension between him and Nina Agdal. Paul insisted that he and his fiancée are very open with one another, and he knows that some of Agdal’s long-term relationships have been public. He explained further saying:

“She’s been famous for her entire adult life, 11 years getting paparazzi’d but I know what kind of person she is, she knows what kind of person I am and so you’ve got to understand at one point I was the most hated person on the planet. I’ve heard it all, seen it all, I’m so numb to it… Some internet troll posing as a fighter isn’t going to come between us.”

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In fact, Paul even praised Danis’ promotional tactics. He was quite impressed with how good Danis is at using Twitter to his advantage by indulging people in the upcoming fight. He even claimed that the MMA star’s trolling abilities is what made him choose to fight with Danis, and that all this is nothing more than fight promo.

Source: Instagram

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