Disney’s most massive hurdles in getting regulatory approval has just overcome, and the acquisition of the 20th Century Fox and other assets is to be done soon.

A New Disney-Fox Report By Bloomberg

Fox-Disney merger deal set to be over.
Fox-Disney merger deal set to be over.


As per a new report by Bloomberg, Disney has agreed to invest its interests and sell Fox Sports in Brazil and Mexico to get the deal done in these countries.

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Brazil was one of the last countries yet to approve the deal. And while it has yet to be made public, sources close, reported that Disney is willing to unload the Fox Sports network in the market with potential buyers.

It’s also anticipated by the company that Mexico regulators will act wire a similar divestment. They’re all already making plans to meet their goal, as reported.

Obviously, this deal has many implications for the entertainment business future and content creation, but fans are eager to see it come to life for one specific reason: Marvel.

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Disney-Fox Deal: What comes under Disney?

Properties like Alien, Avatar and The Simpsons will also be acquired by Disney. However, the film rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four will finally come under the banner of Marvel. This will continue to expand franchise possibilities if the already successful Marvel Universe.

Disney CEO Bob Iger
Disney CEO Bob Iger


Disney Chairman Bog Iger also confirmed those rights would go under MCU banner.

“I think it only makes sense,” Iger told THR. “I want to be careful here because of what’s been communicated to the Fox folks, but I think they know. It only makes sense for Marvel to be supervised by one entity. There shouldn’t be two Marvels.”

Marvel boss Kevin Feige also praised these implication during a recent interview with MTV News earlier this year.

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“The truth is, I’m excited for all of them. I’m excited, and it’s not just the marquee names you know — there are hundreds of names on those documents, on those agreements,” said Feige. “And the fact that Marvel is as close as we may ever get now to having access to all of the characters, is something I’ve been dreaming about for my almost 20 years at Marvel. And it’s very exciting.”

Source: Comicbook.com, Bloomberg

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