The renowned music producer and social media influencer DJ Khaled has yet again topped the chart of news headlines but this time not for his music. Khaled has been all over the news for his outstanding transformation of shedding around 20 pounds. This newly formed healthier appearance of the music producer has left the fans in awe, prompting them to wonder about his secret.

DJ Khaled enjoying Golf
DJ Khaled enjoying Golf

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DJ Khaled lost 20 pounds

Despite his excellent talent and skills to create groundbreaking music DJ Khaled has always been sticking out due to his weight. Being in the show business image is an important thing and with his weight, DJ Khaled has always been at a disadvantage.

Although with his firm motivation to address this issue, Khaled has worked on himself which has produced a stunning result for the industry to talk about. Talking to Page Six Khaled said that he was able to lose around 20 pounds by channeling his inner Tiger Woods.

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DJ Khaled on his Album
DJ Khaled on his Album

While talking to Page Six Khaled even talked about how golfing has helped him to lose some weight. He even stated that even though he eats a lot he has been under control in the last few months. He even said that he has been working on himself which has shown him amazing results.

DJ Khaled said to Page Six: “My wife loves yoga. I love golf. So, while she does yoga, I am golfing. I might eat more than I am supposed to eat – but I’ve been working on that a lot more lately. I have been feeling so amazing and inspired. I just feel great, and vibrant.

Khaled also stated that two months back he was 290 and with constant hard work and support, he is now 267. Talking about his short but successful journey Khaled said, “I was 290 about two months ago, and I am 267 today, ever since I’ve been playing golf. It may not be a lot to y’all, but it is a lot to me.”

DJ Khaled: A Journey of Exceptional Success in the Music Industry

With a larger-than-life personality, DJ Khaled has emerged as a pop sensation in the entire music industry. Born as Khaled Mohamed Khaled on November 26, 1975, DJ Khaled now stands as one of the leading American music producers, rappers, and social media influencers.

Khaled rose to fame and success when he started his career as a radio host in Miami back in the 1990s. His charming presence and incredible knowledge of the music industry caught the attention of both listeners and industry professionals which paved his way into the music industry.

DJ Khaled at BET Awards
DJ Khaled at BET Awards

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In 2006 Khaled’s debut music album Listennn….. the Album set the stage for him to become a driving force in hip-hop and mainstem music. Ever since then, Khaled has produced more than 10 albums all of which have only added to his fame and fortune. His 2017 album Grateful was at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, ranking as one of the most popular albums in the US.

Not only his albums but his social media presence is also worth taking note of. In March 2017 Khaled’s one post on Snapchat received over 3 million to 4 million views. As DJ Khaled is a brand ambassador for Weight Watcher company. His presence alone was able to bring in $24 million in total pretax earnings for the company just in a time frame of 12 months.

This incredible social influence and the transformative journey of the influencer to lose weight has indeed set out a very healthy and inspiring message to his fan across the globe.

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