Sharon Stone has been in the film industry for quite some time now, the actress had her first big role starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall. She received the ground-breaking part in Basic Instinct as a psychopath author named Catherine Tramell. This was one of, if not the most, famous role in her entire acting career as her interrogation scene has gone down in movie history as a classic, the scene had gotten so much fame that even MTV viewers gave her the Most Desirable Female and Best Female Performance Awards and nominated her for a Golden Globe for Best Actress. Even at the age of 64, the actress still looks just as good as fans complimented her on her recent photo on Instagram where she had posed topless, which took her fans by surprise.

Basic Instinct had more tension behind the screens

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

Throughout the casting procedure for the film, a lot of big-list female actresses were offered the role but turned down. This led to the Antman actor, Michael Douglas stating “I thought, all right, I’ll handle this, but I want somebody of equal stature to share the risks. I don’t want to be up there all by myself on this one.”

After multiple screenings with the female actresses that were still willing to play the role of the iconic Catherine Tramell, Sharon Stone stated “Five months later, they had tested a number of other women and even offered the part to a few of them—I really don’t know who. But they apparently still kept running my test and saying, ‘Geez, she seems to have the best handle on it.’ Then I tested with Michael.”

This just goes to show that the role already belonged to Sharon Stone, it just took time for the casting crew to find the actress among the many others that were screening for the role as well. Even now, the actress has major roles in big studios being offered to her.

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Sharon Stone used the tension to her advantage

Michael Douglas And Sharon Stone
Michael Douglas And Sharon Stone In ‘Basic Instinct’

When it came to discussing how the actress saw Michael Douglas from her point of view, she mentioned that “I had met him on two or three occasions in social situations before I tested with him for this movie. I was never comfortable around him, and I don’t think he was comfortable around me.”

With that exact discomforting tension in mind, the actress said that  “I think that kind of discomfort lends itself to this kind of movie. Tension is good.’

Leave it to a professional actress to transform an uneasy feeling behind the scenes into what we see her as in the film. The genius behind this is truly impressive as it not only improves every scene the actress appears in, it also adds a new layer of lore behind the film knowing that all her acting was coming from a feeling of uneasiness.

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Sharon Stone disses the macho man mentality

Sharon Stone in Total Recall
Sharon Stone in Total Recall

When it came to the intimate scenes of the film, Sharon Stone states that “I didn’t have a lot of input into the sex scenes. Paul and Michael, very macho men, created them. When I read them and saw the storyboards, I thought they were ludicrous.”

Clearly, the toxic masculinity trope was bound to be more of an issue during that era of filmmaking, after looking back at those scenes, the Catwoman actress ranted on how the film builds on unrealistic responses in lovemaking scenes surrounding “macho” men.

“Do you know women who have orgasms from these anatomically impossible positions? Please. In two minutes? Send them over to my house so I can learn. In the meantime, ludicrous they remain. Once I realized that was what the guys wanted, I thought, Oh, I get it! No matter how he touches her or where he touches her or what else he does to her, it’s the most, it’s the best, it’s the sexiest. I want to have some more of that! That’s the ‘f*** of the century,’ according to the macho man mentality.”

The actress clearly wanted to portray a more grounded and realistic scenario for the sake of making the movie feel more authentic in a sense. However, her career as an actress had not built that level of a reputation at that point in time which made her less involved in how some scenes could have been played out differently. Even at the age of 64, the actress with three children is still in love with the art of filmmaking and continues to appear in movies.

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