Being one of the best magic wielders of the MCU, Dr. Strange has shown just how mighty he is across multiple universes. The master of mystic arts has various tricks under his sleeves that the marvel fans are still mad over him. Stephen Strange has been blessed with various powers that make him unstoppable when he is at full spree! Even before not becoming the sorcerer supreme, Stephen Strange was a master neurosurgeon with an eidetic memory. Going after the Mad Titan was one of the best moves that fans still remember but still there are other strongest moments in the MCU that throne Dr. Strange to be the best sorcerer supreme! 

Avengers Infinity War: Leading with Avengers and company!

Dr Strange
Dr Strange with Iron Man and Hulk

Dr. Strange and company came up with a plan to stop Thanos and it almost worked in Avengers Infinity War. Just Because Star-Lord couldn’t keep his cool he’s able to break free in the ensuing chaos and strange take on Thanos.  Dr. Strange pulls a number of tricks to stop him but with the infinity stones at his disposal, he’s simply too strong. In order to continue the fight another day, he willingly gives up the time stone. 

What If…: Supreme Strange vs Dr. Strange

Dr Strange in What If
Dr Strange fighting Supreme Strange in What If

Dr. Strange was unstable after the death of Christine and became obsessed with bringing her back to life. Dr. Strange believes he just needs to become powerful enough and goes on a long quest to get stronger. By absorbing powerful beings including a version of himself, Dr Strange believes he is able to save Christine but that pesky paradox causes the universe to collapse. 
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Doctor Strange: Bargaining the deal with Dormammu 

Dormammu and Sr Strange
Dormammu was trapped in Time Loop by Dr Strange

Going up Dormamu would result in Dr. Strange being squashed like a bug. As we saw over and over and over realizing that strange had the upper hand the evil being had no choice but to bargain the master of mystic arts demonstrated his mental toughness. Dr Strange went through repeated agony every time he met his end some battles can be won with words what do you want. 

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Spider-Man No Way Home: messing up the trick

Dr Strange and Spiderman
While casting the spell, Dr Strange opens the door of multiverse

Peter Park learned the hard way that you gotta be careful about what you wish for! Though the movie still provides some funny and heartwarming moments with Tobey and Andrew Spidermans. Dr. Strange spends most of the film trying to fix everything but when the multiverse begins tearing at the seams it takes all that he has to hold everything. In the end,  Peter decides the only way to save the multiverse is for everyone to forget who he is he asks strange to cast a spell doing just that.

Dr. Strange in Madness of Multiverse: Zombie Strange Dead Walking

Zombie Dr Strange
Scene of Zombie Dr Strange from the last battle in Dr Strange 2

Fans were elated to see the magic of Sam Raimi’s horror genre when they saw Stephen Strange dead walking in the final fight scene of Dr. Strange 2. Watching Strange dream-walks into the corpse of his “Defender” self to rescue America from Wanda was the best thing marvel fans could ask for. With rotting skin and only half a jaw, it’s terrifying that Marvel and Cumberbatch agreed to let Dr. Strange look outright grotesque look onscreen. 

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