Venom has so far received mixed reviews. While some critics have embraced the film, there are many who have labelled it as the “worst superhero films in recent years.” Some even went on to compare Venom with Halle Berry’s Catwoman.

Yes, let that sink in. Catwoman wasn’t just a bad superhero film, it was the most terrible film ever. EVER. It had nothing in common with the source material, and the film’s villain was a cosmetic company CEO. (LIKE WHAAAAA?!?) The film is so bad that it has been disregarded even by the people who worked on it.

Whatever one might say, Venom does bring in mindless fun to the cinema. This movie isn’t supposed to change cinema; it’s purely intended to give the fans a good time. And well, I think it succeeds in doing that.

Even back in the 80’s and 90’s, Stallone and Arnold ruled the box office with so many mindless action films. Venom falls into the same category. Its script isn’t meant to win Oscars and the first act does drag on for a bit too long but the movie manages to catch pace after Eddie bonds with the Venom symbiote. The motorcycle chase sequence and Venom’s brutal fight with the security guards at Life Foundation do manage to bring life into the film.

Still, Venom’s true strength lies in the relationship shared by Eddie and Venom. The bond is not just physical but an emotional one too, trying to figure out their existence. Watching them argue and insult one another adds the humour element to the film. You can notice the struggle between Eddie and Venom as to who exactly is in charge.

In Venom’s case, the criticism began way before the film’s production, as fans started arguing about a Venom film without Spider-Man. It does sound valid, as they both go together but dragging Venom into it wasn’t fair. I mean, even the comics reimagine the character’s origin every now and then. What’s the outrage all about?

The film also reminded fans of the 2000’s pre-MCU comic book films. Spider-Man 2 and X2 are both considered as the best films of their respective franchises. To compare or believe that anything pre-MCU isn’t worth the time is like an insult to the filmmakers.

It’s now troublesome how films that don’t follow MCU’s pattern are being written off by fans. Okay, I agree some are just horrible. Fans are even pushing Sony to hand over Spider-Man rights to Marvel and go back “home.” Why? Do you always eat at the same restaurant? No, right?

Venom might not a brilliant film, but it’s not a complete disaster or tragedy. Sadly, we live an era where there are only two types of films: the worst or the greatest. But sometimes, there are some films that lie between the line. That said, don’t listen to the critics, Venom is way better than Catwoman.

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