If you have been anywhere around the internet or social media sites, you will be well aware of the bombarding news related to Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski. After the two were spotted dancing together and kissing in the streets of Tokyo, the duo have become an item. Although Styles and Ratajkowski are yet to address their romantic escapade and confirm their relationship, people have started assuming things on their behalf.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles’ 8-year-old video resurfaced

With the duo’s steamy kiss being a hot topic, fans started digging into things from the past. Salute to the internet’s memory, as netizens dig out an 8-year-old video where Harry Styles confessed his crush on the model. Evidently, the universe played on the singer’s side, as he manifested his alleged romance with Ratajkowski, 8 years later in Tokyo. 

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Harry Styles Confessed His Crush On Emily Ratajkowski 

Shocking as their sensual association is, Harry Styles evidently had a crush on Emily Ratajkowski long before anything happened. Amid the images and videos of their kiss going viral and stunning their fans from all over the world, people have started digging into events from the past related to the celebrities. To fans’ surprise, the 29-year-old Watermelon Sugar hitmaker once had a crush on Ratajkowski. Earlier this week, a video from eight years back went viral, where the singer was heard confessing about his crush. 

Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski
Harry Styles confessed his crush on Ratajkowski

As per the video from the 2014 interview with Telehit, the former One Direction alum was asked about his “celebrity crush”. Hilariously mispronouncing her last name, Styles revealed, “Emily Ratajkowski”.

Hats off to those who went deep into the abyss of the internet’s memory and scoured the video from 2014. The connection and coincidence seem amusing as the singer was finally sighted with his celebrity crush in Tokyo. 

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Harry Styles Manifested His Romance In Tokyo 

Call it sorcery or pure manifestation of intentions, Harry Styles got what he wanted. Confessing his celebrity crush to be Ratajkowski in 2014, Styles eventually got to be with her in 2023. Fans are therefore amused and quick to point out how the singer manifested his romance after eight years. 

Netizens expressed their opinions and feelings on social media, “Harry’s been manifesting Emily Ratajkowski since 2014 and made it.” Being happy for the 29-year-old, fans have even mentioned, “Then good for him. Dreams do come true.” With Styles and Ratajkowski’s PDA-packed video going viral, even the singer’s interview from 2014 didn’t take long to trend on social media. 

Harry Styles at BRIT Awards
Harry Styles manifested his crush

Although Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski are yet to confirm their romantic association, sources have started addressing the video. “Harry and Emily are enjoying getting to know each other.” a source close to the celebrities mentioned. Another insider said,

Getting filmed kissing in Tokyo and then that footage being shared with the world wasn’t what either of them expected – but they aren’t hiding anything.”

Harry Styles is performing back-to-back concerts for his Love on Tour series, which by the way is aptly named given the incident. Things have started going great for him ever since he broke free from Olivia Wilde’s curse. From winning a Grammy to manifesting his romance in Tokyo, the As It Was singer is soaring high. 

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Source: DailyMail

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