Celebrities have to pay a price for being in the limelight. Their work is loved and appreciated by their fans and followers, but sometimes the over-the-top obsession of the fans gives birth to senseless stalking. Actor Drew Barrymore became a victim of stalking that eventually scared the actor during a show at 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

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The stalking case of Drew Barrymore is making headlines as the stalker was sitting amongst the audience and came near the stage and tried to talk to the actor. From being targetted by the audience with clothing pieces during a live concert to being stalked by random people- the reputed faces from the world of entertainment are safe nowhere.

Drew Barrymore’s Stalker Makes A Disturbing Move During A Live Show

Drew Barrymore was caught in a tight spot after she became a victim of a stalker’s unpleasant move during a live show. She was escorted backstage by her bodyguard and actor Renee Rapp during the incident. The Never Been Kissed actor was addressing the audience and was present at the 92nd Street Y, a reputed cultural center in New York for the promotion of Renee Rapp’s song Snow Angel. She greeted the audience and said-

“Oh my God, yes. Hi,”

To which the stalker responded, “You know who I am. I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York.”

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore with Renee Rapp

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As the stalker came closer to the stage, Drew Barrymore and Renee Rapp promptly got off their seats and went backstage as the bodyguards and the security personnel tried to stop the stalker from invading the stage area. After the incident, Drew Barrymore was all praises for her angel-in-disguise partner Renee Rapp. The actor said-

“Well, I have a new definition of your sexiness. It’s that level of protectiveness. That went full ‘Bodyguard.’ “

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Drew Barrymore was grateful for Renee Rapp’s gesture during the live chat show and went on to hug her and said-

“You are my Kevin Costner,” 

Stalking encounters like this only show that actors and artists around the world become victims of the insane behavior and mentality of the self-proclaimed fans. Recently, music stars like Ariana Grande, Drake, Harry Styles, and other prominent names from the music industry became a victim of the uncivilized behavior of the audience during live shows.

Which Hollywood Celebrities Have Had Scary Stalker Encounters?

Celebrities have been a victim of the obsessive behavior of their self-proclaimed fans for ages. If the actors end up behaving strictly with them in public, they are labeled as rude which impacts their public image, and if they end up behaving way too nicely they are taken for granted by their fans and followers.

With the recent stalking episode of Drew Barrymore, the entertainment world is talking about the security of the Hollywood stars. This is not the first time an actor has been subjected to stalking, as reputed stars like Brad Pitt, Michael Douglas, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift have been subjected to scary stalking encounters.

Drew Barrymore
Michael Douglas with wife Katherine Zeta-Jones

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According to the media outlet New York Post, Dawe Knightnett a die-hard fan of Michael Douglas had threatened to kill his wife Katherine Zeta-Jones in 2004. She had even mentioned that she would end up eating his wife like meat on a bone. In 1999, Brad Pitt’s stalker quietly entered his home and even went on to wear his clothes and took a good nap in one of his rooms.

drew barrymore
Sandra Bullock

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According to TMZ, Sandra Bullock came face to face with a stalker in 2014 at her home. The actor had locked herself in the washroom and called 911. Pop star Rihanna was stalked by a 27-year-old named Eduardo Leon in 2018. He stayed in the singer’s property for almost 12 hours before he was kicked out by her security assistants.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

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According to TMZ, Taylor Swift was targetted by a man named Mohammed Jaffar, who went on to threaten her on Twitter in 2014. Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alec Baldwin, and Halle Berry have also been subjected to scary stalking encounters in the past.

Source: Variety

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