One Piece has been serialized for decades now and has several arcs that have built a home in the fandom’s hearts. Out of the many, Marineford and Wano Arc are considered to be two of the most popular and beloved arcs of the series. However, Eiichiro Oda promises to shatter the expectations again with an even better arc, the Elbaf arc, which according to him, will even surpass the Marineford arc.

Marineford Arc
One Piece: Marineford Arc | Crunchyroll

While the Marrineford arc left bittersweet emotions with the rise and fall of major characters, the Wano arc also evokes strong emotions over its tragic yet deeply resonating story. As One Piece enters its last saga, fans are stoked as the Marineford arc is held in such high esteem, and we are eager to see if Oda has any more tricks up his sleeve that will leave fans dumbfounded.

Eiichiro Oda’s True Inspiration Behind The Elbaf Arc

Vicky the Viking
Vicky the Viking | Prime Video

One Piece is brimming with inspiration and references to the numerous mythological narratives circulating the world. From Alabasta to Fishman Island, each new arc is threaded with a reference to the old cultural stories of various communities. The same can be expected from the Elbaf arc.

As the Egghead arc slowly comes to a conclusion, the Straw Hat Pirates are ready for the next adventure. The inclusion of the Giants in Egghead Island confirmed that the next step in Luffy’s journey will take him to the famous village of Elbaf, which has been an unsolvable mystery to the fans for 25 years.

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It is easy to make the connection between the characters in Elbaf and the culture of the Vikings from Norse mythology. Recently, a fan of One Piece unveiled a statement from Oda that sheds light on why he is so interested in Nordic warriors and even included them in his series.

@pewpiece, whose X page centers around One Piece content shared a series of author comments published in 1998 (One Piece Volume 2, pages 52 and 134). Oda explained that his interest in pirates and Vikings initially started with an anime from his childhood. The translation reads:

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy watching an animated TV series called “Little Viking Vicke” [Vicky the Viking]. It aired over 15 years ago. That’s probably why I started liking pirates.

Oda also mentioned that Vikings are his favorite type of pirate and that he would like to talk about them someday. It seems that Oda is now prepared to do that in the upcoming chapters of One Piece. And it only took him around 25 years!

Eiichiro Oda Was Inspired By His Favorite Type Of Pirates, Vikings

Elbaf Arc
Ellbaf Arc is clearly inspired by Norse Mythology | Crunchyroll

Vicky the Viking is a German-Austrian-Japanese animated series made in 1974, produced by the Japanese company Nippon Animation, which became quite popular among children and adults. Based on a series of books by Runer Jonsson, the series chronicles the daily misadventures of a boisterous Viking tribe.

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Unlike the other Vikings, the titular character possessed a sharp intellect and a vivid imagination. He often used these qualities to make unique gadgets and inventions to solve problems. While the series is intended for young children, it introduced Oda to the concept of Vikings and inspired him while creating the inhabitants of Elbaf.

There is no doubt that Elbaf draws influence from Nordic mythology. Located in a region called “Warland”, the country is reputed to be one of the New World’s strongest nations. Moreover, the gigantic inhabitants’ attires are similar to the ones worn by Viking warriors. Elbaf is also centered around a strict code of honor that governs how the warriors fight. And if that wasn’t enough of a clue, the nation’s prince is named after Loki, the Norse God of Mischief.

One Piece is available to read via VIZ Media. The series can be read by the fans for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app.

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