The trailer for Avengers: Endgame is out and ever since fan theories and speculations have started kicking up a notch. Fans are also suggesting hints of a major time jump in the film, possible revelations about the Quantum Realm and Ant-Man and what Doctor Strange saw in his scan of 14,00,000+ possible ways to fight against Thanos.

We have another theory added on now: one that predicts that Endgame will be the “Endgame” for one particular Avenger: Captain America.

The latest theory has attracted some attention on Reddit and it stated that each of the original Avengers members are going to have a “full-circle arc” in the film, which will bring them back to some kind of a conclusion of the arcs that began with their own solo films or within the Avengers films.

In case of Iron Man, it’s predicted that instead of Tony proclaiming “I am Iron Man”, he will end Endgame by saying, “I am no longer Iron Man”, and will perhaps take up some other kind of role as Tony Stark. For Thor, it would be to believe himself as worthy. However, for all Captain America fans, Steve Rogers’ ending would be a bit more tragic.

2011’s The First Avenger ended with Rogers sacrificing himself in order to end Red Skull and the Tesseract for good. Steve was saved from death by the Arctic Ice and his Super Soldier Serum Blood, but this might not be the case in Endgame.

According to the theory, the appearance of Cap and Black Widow in the trailer has more dire complications than what fans may realise. It’s heavily rumoured that the scene takes place during a climactic moment in the film, where Cap volunteers to pilot a ship in yet another suicide mission and looks at the picture of Peggy Carter. Given the circumstances, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Steve flies away with the Infinity Gauntlet into the Quantum Realm.

Even in the comics, Cap has been one of the few trusted to be pure enough to hold major cosmic artefacts like Cosmic Cubes or Infinity Stones. His sacrifice will be the most poetic out of all, as it would simply fulfil a destiny that was always supposed to happen.

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