Marvel Studios shook the universes of fans amid the Super Bowl this year, as it debuted another TV spot for Avengers: Endgame in the main quarter of the event. Not exclusively was it an exciting 30 seconds, but it included only new footage. None of it was reused from the principal trailer.

This brought up a lot of questions for the Marvel faithful, but none greater than “Who are they looking at?”

Alright, that was a bit confusing out of context to the subject at hand. There’s a shot in the TV spot where Steve, Natasha, Bruce, and Rhodey are gazing upward in the sky only outside of New York City. There’s something or somebody coming down to the outside of the Earth, however, there has been no sign who it could be.

So What Is In The TV Spot

Be that as it may, in the event that you’ve focused on the MCU to this point there are absolutely a couple of strong choices. How about we separate a couple of probable choices:


endgame tv spot
Tony Stark- Nebula

OK, so the first and presumably most evident decision is that the Avengers are taking a look at is the arrival of Tony Stark.

Tony is stranded in space with just Nebula close by. Every other person that was a part of that group was snapped away at the end of Infinity War. All things considered, in this TV spot, he and Nebula are seeming as though they’ve perhaps discovered a solution.

Odds recommend that Tony will return back to Earth and join the rest of Avengers sooner or later.


endgame tv spot
Captain Marvel

The other theory here would be that Captain Marvel is finally joining the ranks of the Avengers.

We realize that she will be in the film, and Nick Fury paged her fair before he was snapped, so the signal she’s following is likely bringing her to Earth. We could be seeing the first time Captain Marvel meets Steve Rogers and whatever is left of the group.


endgame TV Spots

Thor was with rest of the Avengers when the Snap happened, but he’s not with them here.

Of the considerable number of Avengers that were on Earth, Thor is the person who has the best sense of what’s going on a galactic scale, and he may need to leave the planet to look for answers concerning what’s been going on. Maybe he’s coming back with news for the Avengers.

Or maybe Valkyrie is still out there someplace, so perhaps she’s coming to find Thor.


Endgame TV Spots

Indeed, Steve Rogers doesn’t look very stressed over what’s happening, but these Marvel trailers are known to misdirect.

In the Infinity Gauntlet comics, Thanos wasn’t really the last villain for the Avengers to battle. Nebula took the Gauntlet from her dad and ended up being much more power hungry. The Mad Titan collaborated with the Avengers to take her on towards the end of the series.

Obviously, there’s a probability that it could be Thanos and the Avengers simply aren’t trying to battle at all.


One of the puzzles around Avengers: Endgame is the personality of the second villain in the film.

There has been discussion paving the way to the film of a “greater threat” than Thanos, which appears to be rare given what we found in Infinity War. In any case, it’s a thing, so there is another person to keep an eye out for.

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