Robert Downey Jr has shared a behind the scenes look at an anticipated reunions in the recent blockbuster Avengers: Endgame. Fans were disappointed by Spiderman’s dusting in Infinity War as his final words before he died started with the words, “ which went on become a meme.

Avengers manages to reverse the snap in Avengers: Endgame, thanks to time travel and the Avengers join hands once again to take on the Mad Titan in the ruins of Avengers headquarters. Spiderman was one of the heroes who sought his mentor Iron Man for a heartwarming reunion.

Epic Avengers: Endgame Reunion

Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland
Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland

“Tony Stark and Peter Parker reunited…Spidey senses tell me a few of you were hoping for this moment…,” Downey wrote with the video on Instagram. “It’s #movie magic baby…”

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While the story of Iron Man has now concluded, Peter continues in Far From Home in July. As noticed in the most recent trailer, the movie will be seeing Spiderman coping with the death of Tony Stark, with the world coming to terms with the snap effects.

Avengers: Endgame is out now!

Still from Endgame
Still from Avengers Endgame

“Yeah, that’s one of the fun things that we get to play with — the sort of real-world, ground-level implications of something like that,” directors Jon Watts said in an interview. “You don’t get to see any of the fallout in Endgame, and we get to explore that in our movie. It’s really interesting and fun.

“I’ve always seen Spider-Man as the most relatable superhero for that reason. He is on the ground level of this fantastic universe,” Watts continued. “So many things happened in Endgame, but you don’t see any of the fallout. So I used Peter Parker/Spider-Man as an opportunity to get that ground-level perspective to show you what it would look like if all these crazy things had happened. What would day-to-day life be? If you were snapped away, you’d have to work backwards and retake your midterms.

“That was one of the most fun things — just talking through what the most mundane implications would be. Like, your birthday on your driver’s license or passport would say that you are five years older than you technically are. Those sorts of questions are just so fascinating to me, and I really wanted to get into the minutiae of it and really explore that.”

Here is the trailer of Spiderman: Far From Home:

Source: Comicbook, Instagram

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