We all were expecting a Blade cameo in Eternals and well, we got it. However, his cameo – not expected by many – supports an Avengers: Endgame theory that MCU is now planning to set up Britain’s superspy agency MI-13 in its fold. The Avengers, until now, define the MCU in a lot of ways, however, back in 2018, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that there were plans to make a “new franchise beyond Avengers.” This led to some speculation, with many viewers looking for any possible hint of what this forthcoming franchise could be.

MI-13 To Be Introduced Soon Into The MCU

Captain Britain in Marvel Comics
Captain Britain in Marvel Comics

After Endgame and 2019’s Far From Home, many fans hinted at the potential introduction of the British superspy agency, MI-13. Maria Hill and Nick Fury were seen at the Shard, which was their base in the film. Many die-hard fans would also note that this building was associated with MI-13 in the comics – and a natural base for super spies like Hill and Fury. Endgame also dropped a Captain Britain Easter egg, with a reference to “Braddock” – which is a subtle nod to the family that inherits the mantle of Captain Britain in the comics. MCU Phase 4 already features two members from the MI-13 – Kit Harington playing the character of Black Knight and Mahershala Ali playing Blade. The Marvel Cinematic Universe did seem to set up MI-13 – which was all that was needed to the Black Knight and Blade together.

The post-credits scene in Eternals did exactly the same – a scene where Dane Whitman claims the ebony Blade to use it for rescuing Sersi. However, they are uninterrupted by a voice – actually of Blade’s – who asks him if he’s ready for this. While it was just a voice cameo, because Marvel was yet to come up with a suitable costume for Blade at the time of the filming, but this wasn’t a coincidence at all. As per Eternals producer, Nate Moore, Marvel is going to link Black Knight and Blade in a huge way. “The Ebony Blade, the characteristics of the Ebony Blade are not dissimilar to some degree of vampirism,” he explained, “and we think that’s an interesting kind of thing to play with. So we kind of knew that was on the table.

Will MCU set up MI-13 In Secret Invasion?

Nick Fury as Skrull in Far From Home
Nick Fury as Skrull in Far From Home

Right now, it’s too difficult to say how Black Knight and Blade are connected in the universe, but the fact that they’re somehow tied together makes the possibility of MI-13 more possible.

MI-13 would be a totally different team than Avengers. They have some heavy hitters like Captain Britain but in reality, they are just a spy agency that functions in the shadows. In fact, Blade isn’t the only vampire to have served in the team – speedster Spitfire was also bitten by a vampire, but still remained a hero, with some spite of bloodlust. It’s quite easy to see their potential, given MCU’s success with spy dramas like The Winter Soldier earlier.

While MI-13 never had a major presence in the comics, but Marvel has so far proved that they can turn a Z-List team into A-List stars. Their biggest run in the comics came in the “Secret Invasion” event and now Marvel is bringing that to life in a Disney+ series with Samuel L. Jackson. Fury was already used as a Skrull in Far From Home, so it’s possible that Marvel will imitate the comics and go on to set up MI-13 in Secret Invasion.

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