It was already out in the open that Harry Styles was going to make an appearance as Eros in Marvel’s Eternals. And he did it with suave and style. Eros aka Starfox is a fairly popular character within the pages of Marvel Comics. But how does the character explains its connections to the Earth’s mightiest heroes? Here’s our take. Dig in.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers For Eternals Up Ahead. Enter At Your own Risk…..

Enter Harry Styles’ Eros – The Eternal Ace

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After the Eternals stop the Emergence and turn Tiamut into a huge marble statue sitting atop the Indian Ocean, Arishem’s grand plans are thrown out the window. For their insolence, Arishem kidnaps the three Eternals still on earth – Kingo, Sersi, and Phastos. he claims that he will pass his judgment on Earth based on their memories to see if humanity is truly worthy like the Earth’s Eternals thought they were.

Harry Styles In Eternals

Thena, Makkari, and Druig are aboard the Domo in deep space when Pip the Troll suddenly makes an entrance. Patton Oswalt makes a visible first impressions as a supporting character. He eventually announces the arrival of Eros. Played by Harry Styles, Eros refers to himself as Starfox and claims he knows where Arishem has taken the Eternals for judgment. The brother of Thanos makes quite a speech and leaves a lasting effect on the viewers. But just who is this new character shown in the Post credits?

Who Is Eros aka Starfox – “Brother of Thanos,” “Knave of Hearts,” “Defeater of Black Roger,” and “The Great Adventurer”

Thanos and
Brother Of Thanos

Starfox made his first official debut in Iron Man Volume 1 #55 in a short flashback scene. That same issue also featured Drax the Destroyer. The son of A’Lars and Sui-San, he has both Earth and Titanian genes in his blood. Starfox’s parents used advanced technology and genetic engineering to create a new species of Eternals called Titans. And then with the help of the Quantum Bands, Sui-San and A’Lars had two children – Eros and Thanos.

Starfox MCU Eros Thanos brother
Eros & Thanos

Eros was born a conventional Eternal. But Thanos was born with the rare genetic mutation called the Deviant Syndrome. He was an eternal with rogue Deviant genetic traits. This turned him into an abomination in the eyes of his parents. Sui-San, Thanos’ mother eventually went insane and tried killing baby Thanos when he was a child (So Rhodey, that was not an original idea).

Starfox – The Eternal Avenger

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Starfox – An Avenger

Because his brother was a constant pain in the butt for the Avengers, Eros made his way to Earth to clear the family name. He became a part of the Avengers’ training program and eventually, a full-fledged member. He fought many villains like the Controller, Maelstrom, and Terminus. After he was accused of using his powers to seduce a happily married woman, he was put on trial where many unpleasent details about Starfox were revealed. Turns out, Eros had been using his powers as a repeat sexual offender. Even his own lawyer, She-Hulk, realized that he had seduced her the same way. To ensure it never happens again, Drax’s daughter Moondragon, used telepathy to put mental blocks on him, permanently taking down his powers of manipulation.


Eros has also worked with the original Captain Mar-Vell. He also once helped Monica Rambeau aka Spectrum to escape the clutches of Nebula in the comics. Spectrum and Starfox have a mutual respect for each other. Maybe the movie The Marvels will shed more light on that.

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