MCU’s latest superheroes team is the Eternals. This movie made news for various reasons. First, it is the first movie ever, directed by an Asian woman. Second, it has given us amazing heroes, and third, the Rotten Tomatoes score it has got. The movie was much-awaited and when it was released, it got a bad rating. However, was the rating justified? The fans’ reactions show something else. Looks like the fans loved the movie and Rotten Tomatoes got it all wrong! Here are some of the reactions you’d love. This shows Chloé Zhao did an amazing job. Putting together so many characters in a time-bound movie isn’t easy, but she did it well. Moreover, the actions sequels, the grip on the storyline and aesthetics, everything was on point. So, here’s a list of fan reactions that suggest otherwise about the movie. We do not think the movie was that bad. Come on! Let us know in the comments how you found the movie to be!

1. Angelina Jolie At Her Best

Angelina Jolie in Eternals as Thena
Angelina Jolie in Eternals as Thena

2. Out Of All The MCU Teams, Eternals Possibly Had The Best Chemistry

3. Phastos Is Such An Underrated Fighter

4. Lowkey Being Satisfied Everything He Was Getting The Hit

Makkari and Thena attacking Ikaris in Eternals
Makkari and Thena attacking Ikaris in Eternals

5. Well, Looks Like Critics Didn’t Have The Eye For Such A Masterpiece

6. Eternals Gave Us Two More Iconic Duos

7. This Scene Has A Separate Fanbase!

8. Fans Are Rooting For One Eternal Couple. No, Not Ikaris-Seri. But, Makkari-Druig. Ah! Wish We Could See Them Together More

9. If You’ve Watched The Movie, You’d Agree That The Movie Is Bringing A New Era! Eternals Gives A Refreshing Vibe

10. The Thought Wasn’t Bad. Isn’t It?

11. After All, The Movie Was Made To Please Us, The Audience. Right?

12. Druig>Ikaris

13. Karun Has Become An All-Time Favorite MCU Character

14. Ikaris Just Doesn’t Care

15. Zhao Has Given One Of The Best To The MCU

16. But To Be Honest, Loki And Eternals, Both Are Awesome!

17. The Feelings In The Last Image Says It All

18. MCU Scene With These TWO!!!

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