TV shows have gained more popularity these days compared to the previous years. TV deaths have been a part and parcel of most of the shows these days. For some reason, writers really love killing off the characters; sometimes it’s because the actor no longer wants to play the character, or is probably hated by the fans. So they decide to go down the easy road.

However, there have been times when the shows have angered their fan cases by killing off some majorly important characters just to bring them back. And we didn’t know how to react to that, whether to be mad at the showrunners or be happy to see them back on screens!

1. Glenn – The Walking Dead Walking Dead 603 Glenn Rhee guts

Glenn played by Steve Yuen was a fan-favorite character from ” The Walking Dead”.  He managed to survive for six long seasons, but it appeared that he was attached and was buried under a zombie horde. But he actually used the then recently dead Nicholas’ body as a human shield. He ended up surviving the attack but tit took the show three weeks just to answer if he was dead or not.

2. Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes was loved by many fans around the world. But in Season 2 of the finale of “Sherlock”, he appeared to have committed suicide. Since the show is named after him, fans were skeptical that there wasn’t something more ongoing. Of course, their suspicions were proven correct when Season 3 premiere explained the reason behind him faking his own death, and also how he did the same.


3. Kate Argent – Teen Wolf

kate on teen wolf

Teen Wolf had brought back Kate portrayed by Jill Wagner for Season 4. When she died in Season 1, her throat was ripped out and it seemed like that like it was the end for her character, but nope. They later revealed that she actually survived by becoming a werejaguar.

4. Bobby Ewing – Dallas


This was one of the most shocking death fake-outs. Bobby Ewing played by Patrick Duffy was shown dead in a car accident, which set the story arc for one entire season of Dallas. And guess what? For all it could have been, it was a DREAM.

5. Brian – Family Guy


Brian, the talking dog from the Family Guy is one of the most loved characters. So when they killed him off, fans didn’t like it and they got upset. But Brian did seem to be dead for a while and the Griffins even got a new dog for themselves. But thanks to Stewie’s time machine, he goes back in time to save Brian who is his best friend. So this death was obviously meant to be temporary.

6.   Jon Snow – Game of Thrones

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Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow was killed at the end of Season 5 of Game of Thrones after his ideas as to what should be done with the Wildings and his stories about White Walkers drove the Night’s Watch past their breaking point. They labeled him as a traitor and killed him off. And fans knew that he won’t be gone for a long time. It was probably the worst kept secret of the series.

Thanks to Melisandre, he was resurrected and had a face-off with Ramsay Bolton.

7. Alison – Pretty Little Liars


The mystery of Alison’s murder was pretty much the throughline for the ABC’s Family teen drama “Pretty Little Liars“. But it turned out that she wasn’t dead after all, and the same was revealed in Season 4 summer finale. And then it also turned out that she was not the show’s villain “A”. So the mystery still went on.

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