It is not a hidden fact that pretty women from Hollywood have always been the center of controversies. Be it, the daughters from the Kardashian-Jenner family or the celebrated pop queen Madonna. The Vogue singer has always attracted media attention with her songs and devil-may-care attitude toward life.

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Madonna is one of the most influential artists of all time. She has made headlines with the provocative lyrics of her songs and the list of young men in her life. Her songs from Papa Don’t Preach, Like A Prayer, God Control, and  Open Your Heart are known for their controversial lyrics and theme of the song. Madonna never lets the trolling and online hate affect her celebrity status.

Madonna’s Controversial ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ Was A Huge Hit

In the controversial song Papa Don’t Preach Madonna plays a young teenager who lives with her father played by veteran actor Danny Aiello. She gets pregnant and tries her best to convince her dad not to force her for an abortion. The music video dealt with social issues like teenage pregnancies and abortion.  It was one of the first music videos to address the issue of abortion. The Frozen singer was only 26 years old when her song Papa Don’t Preach was released in 1986.

During an interview with the iHeartRadio in 2019, the reputed songwriter was asked about the decade-long controversy related to her song. The Swept Away actor stated-

“I don’t get it. Everything I do is controversial. Nothing’s changed – I’m still in trouble.”

Madonna in Papa Don’t Preach

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Despite having a controversial subject, Papa Don’t Preach went on to become an instant hit both critically and commercially. It scaled the number one spot on the Billboard’s Hot 100. Madonna was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Papa Don’t Preach. However, the song was branded controversial as some religious groups, critics and experts accused the Back That Up To The Best singer of promoting abortion and teenage pregnancy. The 64-year-old American songwriter had to clarify the meaning behind the video of the song. She had mentioned that her song was not a pro-teenage pregnancy anthem, but it was about a teenage girl in a difficult situation trying to make the best decision for herself.

Madonna Breaks Her Silence On Body Shaming

Celebrities pay a huge price for being famous. They are often trolled for the way they look, their beauty and fitness regimes, and even for their public appearance. Madonna has been subjected to body shaming multiple times and has always come forward against it and urging people to stop doing this.

According to an insider the singer gets affected by the criticism and body shaming, and she is taking little steps to look more natural before her concert that starts from July 15. Recently, during the 2023 Grammy Award ceremony, Madonna was brutally trolled for her unnatural look. Her pillowy lips became the talking point of the tinsel town. The Like A Prayer singer took to Instagram and posted against body-shaming. The post mentioned-

“Once again I am caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny that permeates the world we live in. I have never apologized for any of the creative choices I have made nor the way that I look or dress and I’m not going to start!”

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Madonna’s Grammy 2023 look

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According to the rumors in the entertainment world, Madonna is running from pillar to post to look best for her upcoming Celebration Tour. She is also planning to remove her fillers. According to an insider, the singer would have her fillers removed before her tour and said-

“She’s desperate to undo some of the fillers and work she’s had done before she embarks on her tour.”

Bored of the endless cycle of fillers and lifts, Madonna has finally planned to come out with her natural face.


Source: Billboard

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