Infinity War is arguably the greatest Avenger movie ever made. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movie broke multiple records when it hit theaters. Infinity war is so enjoyable it still remains one of the most rewatchable movies of all time. But there are several facts about the Real Infinity War storyline from the comics the movie never told us.

Thanos Was Originally A Pacifist

Teenage Thanos Was An Introvert & Hated Violence

Infinity War gives us a look at what drove Thanos into taking such drastic measures. He wanted to bring balance to the universe and halt life from multiplying at an unprecedented pace. He was ready to do it at all costs. Little did we know that the Mad Titan was not always ‘Mad’. When Thanos was young, he was actually a sweet little Eternal kid who was an introvert. Because he carried the Deviant gene, his friends kept bullying him to the point Thanos sought solace in death and nihilism. The real reason Thanos killed half of all life in the universe was – childhood trauma from being bullied.

Thanos Actually Actively Avoids Fighting The Hulk

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Thanos vs. Hulk

In the first 15 minutes of Infinity War, we see Thanos have his “fun” with the Hulk. The Titan beats the Jade Giant to an inch of his life. The Hulk is so scared he refuses to come out later on. In the comics, Thanos has already fought a warrior just as powerful as the Hulk. Thanos Quest sees the purple maniac fight the Champion of the Universe. the latter hops from one world to another literally looking for fights. Before the Champion could hit Thanos, the latter teleports away. The impact shatters and destroys the whole planet. Thanos later makes a mental note the Champion of the Universe has power that is very close to the Hulk’s. He has since ensures he never engages with the Hulk if circumstances permit.

Mephisto Asks Thanos To Reduce His Own Power In The Comic Book Infinity War Storyline

infinity gauntlet2 god letters

In the Infinity Gauntlet saga, there were a lot more foes for Thanos to deal with. MCU’s Infinity War severely limited Thanos’ enemies roster. In the comics, Thanos fought even the Celestials and cosmic entities like Galactus. He even fought the living embodiment of the Marvel Comic Book Universe, defeating them all. Thanos’ then vizier – Mephisto, asks the Mad Titan to rbing down his own Godlike power levels via the Infinity Gauntlet to even the playing field against the Avengers Thanos agrees and that ends up being his biggest mistake.

The Black Order Does Not Exist In the Comic Book Arcs Infinity War Is Based On

The Black Order Infinity War.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=960&h=500&dpr=1
Black Order

The main storylines MCU’s Infinity War draws inspiration from are Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos Quest, and the Infinity Gauntlet sequel –Infinity War. And in none of the comic book arcs does the Black Order make an appearance. The only comic book arc remotely connected to MCU’s infinity War that the Black Order appears in is 2013’s Infinity. But there the Black Order do not fight the Avengers. They are instead tasked with finding the son of Thanos, the Inhuman Thane.

There Was A Different Thor

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Eric Masterson

Thor was present in the Infinity Gauntlet saga and even fought Thanos. But it was not Thor Odinson. The one wielding Thor’s hammer Mjolnir at the time was Eric Masterson. He looked pretty much like Thor except that he had an eye covering helmet and a fully grown beard. He was strong but lacked Thor’s battle experience. Thanos easily defeated him by turning his body into glass and shattering him in one swing.

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