Sam Wilson from the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been wearing the same look. After years in the quasi-military look, the Falcon might feature in more comic related colorful costume. This happens probably under the Disney+ Series of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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Official poster of The Falcon and Winter Soldier released in D23 Expo. Pic courtesy:


The Costume Updates

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Falcon in Captain America: Winter Soldier.Pic courtesy:

At the launch of Disney+, The Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe featurette happened live. Here at this event, the audience got first look at many new upgraded Costume designs and characters. Among those, the major eye-catching concept art costume upgrade was that of Sam Wilson.

The Falcon here has a comics accurate red-white costume with a gold beak on his chest. The fans need to note that this may or may not be the look he features in the upcoming film series.

However, there’s a good explanation that this might be one of the rejected rehearsal appearances for the previous movies. Moreover, the fans are expecting the falcon to don a Captain Americas’ costume version. This is because of the shield Sam Wilson receives from The First Avenger in Endgame.

Confirmation for the role of Baron Zemo also revealed in the con. Daniel Bruhl returns to portray Baron Zemo. The Villain wearing the purple mask is seen in the promo video. The purple mask depicts his iconic counterpart.

Anthony Mackie about his new post

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Anthony Mackie at San-Diego Comic-con 2019. Pic courtesy:

The MCU fans are having a lot of expectations on this Falcon actor as he holds the Captain America shield now. Anthony has to work hard for his new post past Endgame. The Falcon and the Winter soldier film sets in the Marvel cinematic universe’s brand new Phase 4.In a recent interview the actor shared his experiences about Chris Evans on how excited and passionate he is towards his role.
Coming with comic book stories, Bucky Barnes also known as Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson, the falcon is Steve Rogers’s right hands.
From then there has been a debate for years about the next Captain America. Apart from the expectations and debates, Sam Wilson turns out as the next Captain America.

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