The Joker is one among the foremost insane, twisted individuals within the history of superhero comics.

It has brought up always as most evil supervillains of all the time, but one of a member of the Justice League has the ability to cure his Madness. In the Batman: White Knight new comic series shows Joker to turn into a hero.

The Joker Is Cure from its Insanity

The Joker Is Cure from its Insanity
Is Joker Cure from its madness

Joker uses the stone to create a massive seismic disturbance on Earth in an effort to make a huge “ten-thousand-mile-long grin from South America to Asia Minor!” As Joker promises to cause more destruction, Martin Manhunter uses his telepathic power to manipulate the Villain’s brain. The Joker disability is suddenly cured of his Madness and asks himself, “what have I been doing with my life?” and says he’s “been insane.. oh my god, what have I done?”

 Mind Games played by Martin Manhunters


Martin Manhunter manages to investigate some humanity from Joker’s mind. However, the operation isn’t permanent as Martin Manhunter tells that Joker’s mind is like a storm raging.

But somehow, the temporary hold works. As Joker groans that he needs to fix all damages, he has done,  flash quickly grabs the philosopher’s stone and return it to Metron.

Moreover, the Joker’s madness was temporarily cured, but the fact that Martin Manhunter can rewrite his brain so that he remains with his humanity was something shocking. Accessed that part of his brain so that it was not a bad guy ever.

The Joker Brain

The Joker Brain
Martin explain what’s inside joker brain

The Joker is often portrayed as having a completely out of control of its psyche; besides, Martin explains that it’s too bad Joker’s brain is like a storm raging, and he can’t permanently fix it.

Although it took all the power to Manhunter to cure Joker even for a few minutes – so clearly, there’s no easy long-term cure for the Joker. But, if the Justice League needs a temporary fix, Martin Manhunter’s powers can come in handy.  


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