Dave Chappelle had reportedly helped in blocking an affordable housing development in his home base of Yellow Springs, Ohio, four months ago. And now Yellow Springs News has reported that he has purchased 19 acres of that same land.

Comedian Dave Chappelle
Comedian Dave Chappelle

The comedian is being called a hypocrite by netizens for being against affordable housing.

Oberer Land Developers v/s Dave Chappelle

Oberer Land Developers, Ltd. had originally acquired 52 acres in Yellow Springs, also home to Antioch College and a 3,697 year-round population. The Village Council was presented with a request by Oberer to rezone the land, consequentially making it a planned unit development (PUD), instead of hosting mostly single-family homes. The PUD proposed the construction of relatively cheaper townhomes and duplexes, and one acre would have been donated to the village by Oberer for affordable housing. A total of 140 dwelling units would have been added to the community.

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle vehemently opposed the affordable housing plan

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Chappelle was adamant in his opposition to the PUD plan. In December, he said, “I have invested millions of dollars in town. If you push this thing through, what I’m investing in is no longer applicable.” At a February public meeting, he even warned that he might divest from Yellow Springs, telling the assembly, “I am not bluffing.”

The ultimate decision of the Village Council was against the PUD rezoning. The vote was 2-2 and one members abstained from voting. Oberer owned the 52 acres still at that time though and had every right to construct single-family homes. But now, it has been confirmed by YSN that the comedian bought at least 19 of those acres. It still hasn’t been shared officially how big the purchase was or what he planned to do with it.

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Whether Oberer intends to keep the rest of its acreage or not is also unclear. A company spokesperson said it was “considering market options”. At a Yellow Springs Development Corporation meeting in April, Josué Salmerón, the Village Manager noted, “There is no indication currently that the [Oberer] project is moving forward.”

Dave Chappelle, philanthropist or hypocrite?

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle is being termed a hypocrite

Earlier this month, Dave Chappelle had pledged the proceeds from a Buffalo, New York show to aiding victims of the May 14th mass shooting. But it does come off as hypocritical when on one hand, you claim to do charity work and on the other hand, you put a roadblock to affordable housing during a nationwide housing crisis.


Even this week, many students objected to Chappelle’s former high school’s proposition to rename their theater in his honor. The major reason was his controversial transphobic Netflix special. Nevertheless, the comedian declined the offer saying that he didn’t want to become a distraction.

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